The time of the third – the time of untouchable life

Only when one from another conditions the third, it gives birth to the untouchable and eternal


In the beginning time was thin and pure like the time in a child; now it is becoming denser and it pollutes. Due to becoming denser it runs ever faster, and as it has less space, it is faster and faster.

Virtual worlds of man have set in motion the time in man’s circulation up to a thoughtless speed which is becoming uncontrollable. Only that which demands effort and relationship stops time and in builds the switches from the circulation into a flow, opening up the path for the real.

All forms are forms of succinct time, and man is also a form of succinct time, which is born from two into one and divided in itself.

The time of conception is the time of concentration of time; the time of birth the time of double concentration of time. Everything that exists lives the concentrated time of the double, while death is an unknown of thrice concentrated time in which everything live is mortal. Only what one from another conditions the third, gives birth to the untouchable and eternal.

With every day man is dying and with every day he is born, for time in him flows in two directions. The time inside is the time of withering away from one back into two; the time outside is the time of seeming birth from two into one. In order for something to be truly born, man has to accept the current of time inside or the current of dying.

Not a man exists who would not be caught in his own current of time, yet some dream in it, while others leave their own time through the time of a fellow man and thus enter the trail of vastness of the untouchable eternal time.

Man can be born through everything to which he gives his time and through everyone who is his pair; while the time that man takes for himself becomes denser until it is covered by the twilight of death.

Time is fluid. When your time passes, you die – the fluid never passes. You will live in all the worlds for which you will give yourself, and die in everything in which you will continue to look for yourself in your final days.

Time is always accurate, while the worlds through which it is formed are as inaccurate as much as there exist reflections or shallowness in them. From its own starting point, is time always inaccurate, while the time of feedback always carries the accuracy of the starting point which man gives away. Man who gives all his time to the world or the time in front of him, opens up worlds and stories of vivid life begin to live in front of him. All proper stories are dead reflections of the lost time.

Light is the only occurrence in the space which is, due to the characteristic of its speed, a form of time that is separated from the space; all others are caught in the space of their proper time.

Man is the form of the thinnest time in space, and in his subconscious the purest form of time. He is therefore the only form that can change the density of his own time with his life. With comprehension is time getting more and more shorter and denser.

Comprehension of one man conditions the concentration of time in the time of every space, every form and every man, and it has broken through the man who had the power to carry over the density of crossed time. Once the comprehension is fulfilled, death will overstep the boundary of the unknown and concentrate time three times, and that force will break through the boundary of the starting point and tear out the proper time from the hands of each soul, for the time of goodbye was borrowed so that the time of birth could mature in it.

Concentration of time in man demands from him more and more the final definition, for its space is shrinking. Thus, every man will sooner or later be forced to choose.

The final definition is the general choice, and it is a choice without a choice, for it does not flow according to man’s conscious logical decision, but is the result of all his definitions in time and space. It stems from his pure basis or from the subconscious that is taken out of time and space – it is the Third that has been looking for itself through one in two and has found itself as two in one of the third that through the other could live in the Third and die away in the first.

Man has the purest subconscious of all living beings, and if man lived from its basis, from stopped time, it would mature into pure fluid. Pure subconscious has no strategy – it is what it is and it is, in itself, the smallest of everything, infinitely powerless in its inaccuracy, yet infinitely pure and infinitely close to Life.

All selfishness taints and concentrates its own time in itself. Like a rock it lies on the heart of your soul and puts it in the night of its own circulation, while all unselfishness glows from the face of the close one like joy and in the flow of time embraces your soul with the light of the purest fluid.

The more that subconscious comes into contact or flow, the less can man make conscious decisions, for all are strategies of proper existence and have no contact point with life anymore, as the time of the Other or the transference of consciousness is over.

It is imperative to control the world outside – if you cannot control it, you begin spinning in the world within or in the circulation of the illusion of proper time. If you wanted to manage your time, you would have to step out of it. However, in order to do that, you would have to step into your own non-existence. Then you would live from the basis of man, which is the thinnest time or the purest fluid. In order for man to step out of his own time and control himself, he does not need the power of the body, or the sharpness of mind, he only needs to have the power of heart and give his time away.

Jesus, who lived pure basis or the purest time of man after man, carried the burden of the biggest possible concentration of time or the burden of the crossed Man after man. The purest was crossed with the betrayal of Man after man.

Jesus said: ‘What you have done to one of my smallest brothers, you have done to me.’ Therefore live the time of the close one like Jesus did and leave the time of yours, and your time will, like a balm, pour onto the wounds of the Betrayed.

Everything that will transfer the weight of the thrice concentrated time or the fluid of death, will through the doors of the double or man pour into the time of the Third or the fluid of Life of Trinity.

Everything that will hold its one will at the doors of the One and Only always be split from one into two.