The time of the one and only


In his essence man is carrying infinity and only in it can he calm down; any yet if he watches over his infinity, he is hunted by disquiet.

The time of the infinity is an infinite void and only through the acceptance of this void are contents of the infinity born.

The time of the infinity is running; only man is given the ability to stop the time within and condition the time of one in the double or time of the Lord’s infinity.

Man is given all the present, only not the present of fellow man – this can only be given or taken away by another. The most man can do, is to preserve the present of a fellow man untouchable and not submissive to itself.

Every man in himself defends the place of his own present, while Jesus transferred the starting point of this present into the fellow man and thus opened up a new place of man’s present. After Him the infinity got its starting point in man. However, he had to die for this place.

Some respect this offering of Life and are subjugated to life, some do not respect life and consequently neither fellow men. Some build symbiosis like bees build honeycomb, other plunder and destroy all honeycombs of symbiosis. But the ruin starts when raiders start running out of honeycombs, while on the other side the symbiosis of the loyal ones is rising as there no longer exists a balanced common side.

The main and only break in man is whether he falls under the respect of life or rises above life. Either one or the other; both are not possible. The more you respect life, the more doors of cognition are opened. So small and loyal is this Life before you which was put into you. If only you were as well.

The trust in the rules of life is inherent in man’s nature – each child, a small bee, a small seed, and yet… it is so difficult for a man to trust in this life. Yet despite the flood of vanity that is enwrapping this world into voids, man knows in his heart that he can only trust life.

He who respects life is stopping time and only after him  can the reality step out of the entrapment of double in one into the infinity of freedom of one in double, giving birth to the One and Only. According to the simple loyalty to life, the last division of the present into the last place of infinite unity or infinite separation is thus running.

The present has already rounded up into one in the Spirit and is rounding up in the souls; however, once the One body of the present comes, each body that will not be able to agree to its inexistence will be torn in two.

Everything that allows the double, allows and gives birth to the one and only infinity of Life; everything that demands its own one and only from its own hands tears the simplest, untouchable wild flower of Life, which sprouts all joyful, but only if it is allowed in all its infinite freedom.