The thought

Reality can enter virtuality; virtuality may not enter


Over it you can walk away from yourself, and over it others can come to you.

If somebody is thinking of you, you can locate yourself in him and are thus directly there where somebody is locating you and chasing you into his perpetuum mobile.

Think about each other, therefore, pray for each other, so that evil will not be able to locate you.

Only the small can sink into the big and bring mercy; the big cannot sink into the small. The small must therefore have mercy on the big, so that the big could have mercy on the small.

Her coat is sullied with touches, and yet she sinks into them so as to bring mercy.

Reality can enter virtuality; virtuality may not enter. Reality divulges – virtuality covers up, yet cannot cover up reality.

Everything is searching for the sun – each animal is warmed up by the worth of a sun beam – each plant drinks the kiss of light, for nobody has their own light, nor warmth inside. You are darkness that lives light – you are a heart that anticipates death; but only man knows that the light is not his and this fact concerns everyone.

Man is lonely on the inside, yet everything that you wish for someone else and what he wishes for you joins you in the reality of this wish. As long as you are fighting for your existence, you are a lonely tree and the birds of wishes do not come to you, for the fear for life is taking everything away from you.

But you are after Him, after Him, who gave his life for you, so that you can have everything. He did not have anything. After Him life touches everyone in their wish for another.

As long as you are located within, there is darkness over your eyes and you cannot see anything. Only true love uncovers the darkness from the eyes of the instincts of the dreamy world.

Man thinks that he exists only within himself, and yet he can exist everywhere else. Somebody thinks that he is everywhere, and yet he is nowhere; as long as he exists within himself, somebody stays himself and with him many things exist.

Man is born twice. The first birth is the birth of the soul in the body; the second is the birth of the spirit in the soul. Your soul is the place of birth of another and the soul of someone else is the place of your birth. He who lives himself exists in everything alone and is closing the place of every birth. He who lives for others, is opening the places of many births.

There are two kinds of deaths; in one you die so that someone else could live, in the other because you do not want to live anymore. The first opens the doors of life; the second only the doors of new death.

In ancient times and during antiquity people idolized many gods, respected them in fear for themselves and made many offerings. Mosses believed in one God and in awe sacrificed himself for him.

Nowadays man no longer believes in any god – he is no longer afraid of anyone or anything above himself and he is therefore not willing to sacrifice himself for anything. And yet is this world full of idols, for he who does not offer himself completely now, has too little respect for the One who is above him and who gave his life for him.

In the world of Gods nobody listens to anybody – nobody thinks of anybody and nobody has a wish for anybody – they are merely passers-by who idolize each their own world.

And in the world of the ordinary people the thought, which hearkened to the silence – in it the whispering of the wishes of one another and in it the birth of the New world.