The thing that is left


Once the reflection goes out, everything that man has been taking for himself goes out with it and only that which man conditioned for somebody else remains.

Once the reflection goes out, the path does not exist anymore, only what is conditioned from two sides remains.

Life is a given power, but people always come together in weakness, for only in the silence of death are we all the same. The Lord puts man into weakness for him to become serious, for in weakness nobody puts anybody into death.

When you are given the power to speak or do something, ask yourself whether you would speak or do the same if you were in weakness of that, and only then speak and do. Otherwise stay quiet and do not do anything. 

If life gives you power, speak and do only that which you would if you were in weakness; only thus will you use the given power of life and only thus will you not put anybody into death.

Some allow themselves weakness and act subconsciously; some control everything consciously, but benefit from everything and take advantage of the power of the subconscious one.

Power – weakness, awareness – unawareness are two sides of one even – odd ratio, the ratio of power and weakness, of acceptance and non-acceptance of death within, which mirrors itself in all the ratios outside of you, and over them returns into you either as one or the other, as acceptance or non-acceptance of weakness, as the basis of the actual ratio of that which remains.

Look at the doggy, isn’t it skilful in its play?  Look at the cat, isn’t it more skilful in its agility than the dog? But if you look at a spider, isn’t its web more skilful in its unconscious preciseness than the cat, the dog? If you look at a diamond, isn’t it more magnificent than anything, and yet only in the agility that is more skilful than anything – in light, does its magnificence glow up.

Only in complete non-control does control glow and only in unawareness is awareness born.

Everyone believes that they have to be bigger than that which they want to control, and yet you can control only that which you are smaller from. Cruelty has never controlled cruelty, it has only encouraged it. Only mercy can control cruelty – the bigger the cruelty, the bigger the mercy needs to be in order for the cruelty to be controlled.

The tamer is smaller than the lion, for only that which is smaller than you do you feel inside and only that which you are smaller from feels you; and the smallest of everything is life.

The world of one another opens up in smallness, but only alienation in magnitude and there is no greater loneliness than the soul of a man who is raised above others.

Man should first minimize himself in front of himself, so that with his awareness he would not govern the unawareness within.

Life is the biggest subtlety of all, which from the veils of unawareness weaves its carpets; yet only the carpets woven from the gifted time lead into the halls of proximities of the furthest and most lonely being among beings – man.

Lord is great in the name of the small ones and as long as the great agitates you, you are too big in front of the Lord.