The systems of three-quarters and four-thirds

THE-SYSTEMS-OF-THREE-QUARTERS-AND-AND-FOUR-THIRDS- The systems of three-quarters and four-thirds

In eternity, everything will function according to the system of time, which is a four-thirds system, and not according to the system of space, which is a three-quarters system. Since the beginning of the universe, space has been dominating over time. Now the roles have turned and time is starting to dominate over space. This transformation is running slowly. When it will cross its middle, critical point, the system of time will start to prevail. Religions call that turning point the judgement day.

The three-quarters and four-thirds systems are mutually indivisible, since they represent two faces of the same system. Therefore, they cannot be separated and it cannot be said whether something is the presence of time or the presence of space. For in this world, space is the manifestation of time, while in the other world, time is the manifestation of space.

Centre of the cone represents the point of transition from the three-quarters system of space into the four-thirds system of time. When a man falls into the centre, he forever leaves the previous system. From there on, a new system starts to open. The essence of man always retains its three-quarters character, but when a man accepts this as the final condition, the transformation or opening into the four-thirds system begins. The centres of both systems are one in the other. They are one and the same centre, or as Jesus said: »The Father is in me, and I in the Father. «

Jesus Christ is the only human who has until now completely settled in this centre. Through this centre, he has absorbed a flow of immense power, through which he burned through time. This point of equalisation is unique and is possible only in the very centre. If a person is only slightly on the orbit and is gravitating only partially, he cannot activate himself. However, once he comes to the other side, he remains what he is, but by the law of this point, the process of flowing into the other system begins.

A person who dies on the way to the centre continues to fall towards the centre after death and proceeds with the process of transformation. For him a film starts to roll backwards and he relives all his identities until they fade away. And once he falls from the orbit into the centre, he comes to rest. A person who was falling towards the centre during his life, automatically continues to fall towards the centre after death, because eventually everyone lives out his instincts. On the contrary, a person who was rising up the spiral, is drawn towards the point of doom after death. The system draws you automatically into the funnel of orbiting in the direction which you have conditioned with your life.

After death, many get stuck in orbiting, in running still in one position. We, who are alive can help them with our prayers. In the other world, the struggle is taking place between the soul and the spirit, and there a soul cannot help itself. There, the relationship between the soul and the spirit is direct and no own thinking or deciding is possible. The soul can only let go and betray itself or it cannot let go. Therefore, blessed are those who are able to betray themselves in this world, for on the other side they must do it, otherwise they suffer.

We could not understand the system of time if we did not know the system of space. In this world, we are caught in the system of space in which the flow of time is troubling, braking and carrying us away. If a person is accepting the system of space, he will pass from it into the system of time. He will transform as a three-leaf clover in a four-leaf clover.