The supernatural does not exist


The subconscious mind cares for the symmetry of the relationship between man and life. The moment when man tries to confirm himself at the expense of others, those feel the right to undermine his confirmation, which is revealed by the subconscious and guilty conscience. Every search for the confirmation in advance awakes insecurity, stage fright and fear in man. Due to the fear a football player misses an empty goal, a lover stutters and a student forgets his subject at the exam. Nature automatically undermines false values.

All truly great deeds are done out of love for the close one. Man can only mobilise the courage for heroic actions once he is not bound by his own risk, for then the subconscious allows him all the power and skilfulness. The subconscious therefore does not bind the man, only at the point where he lets life have the final judgement and when he turns the whole cheek to his fellow man.

The more you try to hide your inclination before yourself, the more tempting it will be. The more that you supress your desirous curiosity and act as a saint, the more will the fantasies about adventures hold you in their grasp. However, what you admit to yourself you will have no problem admitting to others and consequently all of it will not excite you anymore. A relationship that is built on a true foundation is a healthy one and the only one that offers the possibility to defy the ravages of time and the passing of individual forms, no matter whether that relationship is parental, business like or between two partners.

The model for honesty and complete trust in his nature is Jesus of Nazareth. His distinction was precisely in having the power to live honestly and not be ashamed of his humanity in an environment that was all but forgiving toward naturalness. Direct as he was, he came face to face with everyone, and as such he remains a unique example of human universality. It is therefore nonsensical of some religious institutions to claim him for their own, while at the same time others methodically reject him as an irrelevant or even non-existent phenomenon. In the history of the common spirit he is the main milestone, so much so that we even count the time to and from his birth.

During his life Jesus neither lived nor taught any manner, and therefore no manner can bring him to life in people’s hearts. Religious men would often like to give him to others, unaware that they do not know him themselves. All the notions about him have nothing in common with him. The only prayer to this being that was always faithful to his humanity and the only prayer that can truly be appropriate, is the want to be as similar as possible to him in your naturalness and candidness. The infantile purity which he kept pointing out and God’s almightiness lie within.

The miracles that he performed are only the expression of the power that the life within gets once the man is unburdened from his inner shackles. Due to lack of understanding the dogmatic believers dubbed miracles as something natural. However, neither the supernatural nor anything past nature exist, only the mastered and un-mastered natural laws define the course of events. True trust and unselfish affection between two fellow men are an inexhaustible source of health, conciliation and faith in life.

In order for someone to be able to awake eternal joy in the souls of others they first have to become real. By recognizing his own illusions, man surrenders the starting point for his actions to life itself and by doing so he becomes the starting point for life. Until then man and life have not given birth to anything in common. Every monologue and every parting are at this point nullified, and with that the place for the unpredictable arises (My Father in me and I in my Father).

At the point of nullification of his identity man lets go of every attempt to be better than he is. He surrenders before his nature which is as it is, and does not know anymore why he should still deal with it. He no longer identifies himself with the need for harmony and dedication, because of which in extreme cases individuals even go crazy, as they can no longer take the reasons that are not consistent with their idea of holiness anymore, despite these reasons often being totally normal. An imaginary need for perfection is often fatal precisely for those who are quite smart and in possession of a considerable dimension of understanding.

Although perfection is necessary for the liberation, it should at no cost be some imaginary perfection according to one’s own criteria. Perfection arises automatically, once the heavy fogs of the desired and the learned, both of which are not primeval, are lifted from the person’s meadows. Consequently each of us can wrench himself from the confusion of unawareness only with his own anguish, and only the sweat of his face can earn him freedom and disburdening.

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