The Spirit of Truth

You will find peace once you realize and admit that you are weak and sinful


The world of greatness does not exist – there are only our smallness and weakness. People are, in their own human admission, the best doctors and therapists to one another. That alone can give a man who is in distress enough mental safety that life does not break him.

Neighbours are named with names and surnames. But then somebody’s house burns down or a loved one dies. It is then that they are united by the problem. A neighbour cries on a neighbour’s shoulder, a neighbour comforts a neighbour. In moments when they admit to each other their smallness, pain and helplessness, a new home is growing among them – a home of spirit, friendship and health.

Man should strive for wealth of such a common home and not talk about greatness, for the world of greatness is an illusion – the world of greatness does not exist. There exists only our smallness and only that is real.

Man is real only when he is capable of admitting all his fragility and helplessness in Life to a fellow man. All the words that are written here have been spoken between friends and people who could do that and that is why they are full of such confession and consequently the real truth. These are thus the words of the Spirit of Truth.