The soul and nature of man

Only the untamed nature in man makes him unrighteous


Life always forces us into accuracy. We always have to be consistent and accurate because in doing so we are responsible to life. The only criterion for our accuracy is the peace in our souls.

A calm soul has an unconscious spiritual power that enables such tranquillity to our loved ones as we trigger the counterpoint.

Our bad conscious causes restlessness in our souls and consequently uncertainty and restlessness of those close to us.
Bad conscious and insecurity are caused by the fact that our soul cannot handle our own nature.

Everything that we need at a given moment is in front of us. The only thing necessary is the ability to notice and see it. At the same time everything is hidden from us if we consider only ourselves and our interest, and not that what is in front of us.

That is why we should trust our soul that it can handle everything that is foreign in us. And foreign is everything that nature made us of and everything that we perceive as physical presence. Nature itself functions the way it functions. Nature does not have a brain, heart or compassion of its own and thus functions past any human logic and without mercy.

When a hurricane raids with all its might, it roots out trees and breaks everything in its path. Nature has no considerations. It breaks, tears, demolishes and destroys. That is nature.

That is why it is important to distinguish between our soul and our nature. If it is possible we should try to function with our soul (reason) and not with our nature (instinct). Our soul is invisible, for it is beyond or the temporal part of the man. That is the reason why the soul can see the consequence but not the cause.

Our consequences thus show us how mature our soul is. The more we can handle the consequence or ourselves, the more mature and grown-up our soul is. The more we can uncompromisingly engage and handle our nature or our unknown, the way we would engage and handle a total stranger, the more mature and stronger is our soul.

Therefore, as much as we are bold and strong – so as not to let our unknown (our body) guide us down paths we do not want to take – that is exactly how free we are.

To put it in a different manner, we are free as long as our soul is strong enough to handle our nature. Our nature is then, similarly to a pair of glasses, only an instrument that helps us comprehend certain situations.

God forbid our nature from becoming the master of our soul for every proper nature needs a victim so that it can preserve or balance itself in time.

The first victim of his own nature is the man himself. Man’s only and the most ruinous state is to be the victim of his own nature. That is why the man is the only being whose soul is equivalent to spirit (God’s image) and therefore free will. Through analysis and his own will he can thus protect himself from his nature.

Our nature is as all other nature and the nature of others. Our soul should therefore be cordial and loyal so that it would have a bounty of good qualities that would eventually grow.

A man’s nature can be incredibly beautiful, as long as it does not govern him.

That is why natural criteria do not mean anything to the man. They are not criteria for quantity nor quality or any other wisdom. The only criterion is the man’s soul. A man cannot mature through his nature. He can mature and ripen only through his soul.

No nature is cordial and we therefore cannot claim that we either have or don’t have a cordial nature. But we can have a cordial and loyal soul.

What is conscious? We can be in complete control of our nature and yet a moment of weakness may betray us. We later perceive that as our conscious.

As no determinations can be made on behalf of nature, there can be a soul of a five-year-old child in a body of an adult. And his nature is like every other.

That is most definitely not good. A man’s soul should at a certain age carry a certain weight and signs of wisdom, for a soul without weight is an empty soul.

No one can be judged by their nature for every nature can be cruel. The only importance lies in how we build and how we construct our own soul, as only by our soul can we be judged and in the end will be.

When our soul doesn’t carry enough weight, our strong faith and prayer can help us.

Our soul gains its weight when we show compassion and have a fair attitude towards someone or something. Therefore we must not cheat on our close ones and our environment out of the weaknesses our nature causes.

The soul always distinguishes between freedom and servitude, whereas the nature is always the law or the rule. We can thus remain an eternal slave to nature. Yet we cannot be a slave to our soul. Our soul is either free or not.

As long as a man’s nature is stronger than his soul, the soul cannot be free. But once the soul tastes the liberty, it never again exchanges it for slavery.

Of all the forms of creation the man is the only one that is upgraded. If a man ruins his soul, the soul returns to its primal form. The soul remains in a body that ages, dies and leaves into the eternal wave and that is a downfall.

The soul is like a butterfly that in this world hatches from his larva. Each man hatches his soul under different conditions. Despite the conditions being a mix of all natures, not two are mixed in the same proportions – none are identical.

That is why nobody is born either good or bad, for our personal natures and temperament are not criteria for good or evil. We are all equal in birth. We are all born as identical souls from the same spirit, yet each with his own nature.

The problem is that people more or less preoccupy themselves only with their own nature. During this period the conflict between the soul and the nature in the man grows and the distress in people becomes unbearable. 

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