The secret of undividable

When man is in revolt, problems hoard like yeast in dough, when he accepts; they are as peaceful as dough


Every man finds himself in an uncontrollable situation at some point. In his foundation man is an unidentified manifestation that is identified through relationships, as he by himself cannot outweigh anything. Every relationship is a juncture of time and space where images of identification in relationships pour out of the mystery of unidentified time. Yet at some point in every relationship man stumbles upon his basis, upon a relationship with himself or the non-occurrence itself.

The secret of infinity is in the unidentified manifestation that is hidden in man. Man is outside of the system, does not have his own inwardness and can therefore put everything outside or inside the relationship with himself. Only man is the one who can outweigh his own non-occurrence if he accepts upon himself bare life and agrees to infinite lengths of non-identification in the relationship with himself – in the relationship with the undividable or life within him.

An endless amount of stories, an endless amount of homes of identified forms of proximity, yet each a story of its own, one infinite distance in an auto-relationship. But there is Someone who took it upon himself – for you, for me, for anyone, and he opened the time of the inner relationship or the time of birth of infinite proximities.

On the day of the complete acceptance of distances He opened the time of proximities in relationships, all the way to the last day, to the last relationship – the relationship with himself.

Man’s cycle is concluded. There is no more proximity that could, at a juncture of a relationship cover the uncontrollability of the unidentified. There is no more denial nor pray to preserve you. Only the fight with yourself is still left, as the juncture of manifestation of space through time does not exist anymore. Only the river of your own acceptance of non-occurrence keeps flowing, up to the day when the last overflow of proximities of time burns out into the manifestation of proper transience.

When there is nothing left, the voice of the Undividable will speak from the silence. Only the nameless ones will be able to hear him and only those who have taken the uncontrollable upon themselves will be given the courage to follow the nameless voice. For only through the land of your own accepted distances can one enter into the land of infinite proximities.