The secret of the intellect

Whatever we arrange according to our own thought, we arrange only fictitiously.


Feelings surface automatically according to the ratio of power and weakness. If the power of the country that you are in is bigger than your power, then you will feel that country. But if the power of a man is bigger than the power of the country that he is in, he will change the country.

Man is thus in the ration to the reality in front of him either in power or weakness. Yet in the final sense that does not mean anything. Man has to be stronger than himself. Only so can he help himself. That is supposed to be the sense and goal of everyone among us. Each and every word that is written here helps man gain power in the fight with himself.

When somebody called John is able to forget about himself and let turn the wheel called John toward himself, only then will he really be free as he will be independent of anything and anyone. As long as this wheel is blocked, he depends on external situations. When greater power is over him, he spins and has a problem. When John is stronger, then he spins the wheel of a fellow man towards good or evil.

When man spins the wheel of others toward the good he gains power over himself. But those who spin the wheel of life toward the evil lose power over their own taming. Those who try for others indirectly try for their own life as well. But those who abuse their power and assert it over the weakness of a fellow man are cruel and unfair to their own life.

Such a person gets mad even if somebody only stops their wheel. If somebody tried to spin it towards the good, he would go mad. In a relationship with a person who comes second to himself nobody can spin the wheel toward the evil.

Only a man who is completely devoted to life is real, the same as the reflection of every deviation from the reality of fellow men. When confronted with Jesus, nobody could consequently spin the wheel toward the evil. When he stepped in front of madmen they were thrown on the ground. They asked him: ‘Why did you come to torture us?’ Or to put it differently: ‘Why do you break your teeth on our cogwheels of wickedness?’ When he said: ‘Throw a stone, those who have no sins,’ reality spoke and their wheels stopped. Yet he could not spin any of their wheels toward the good, for everyone has already left. He could only spin the wheel of her, who they wanted to stone.

The most difficult thing of all in this world is to spin the wheel of life toward yourself. Yet only that means freedom. Once man starts to spin it, he encounters the only real prize that life offers – personal peace.

People try at all costs to spin the wheels of others to their own advantage. Children and women try with manifestations of weakness – with tears and hysteria. Men with manifestation of power. In such situations it is enough if man does not fall for unreasonableness and for the tricks. At least he thus not let anyone spin his wheel toward the evil. By that he also allows for the wheel of a fellow man to stop or he even turns it around and calms himself. He can thus face himself and takes on the responsibility to his life.

The sooner that man is ready to analyse himself in relation to the situation, the sooner he can summon the power to stop his wheel or even spin it toward himself, the sooner he calms down. So blessed be the one who tried in life and analysed as he went along. He thus acquired intelligence, loyalty, reasonableness, coexistence… Everything that God’s commandments teach. For in the time that has already come, everyone will spin only their own wheel – towards good or evil. The more he has tried, the more power he will have to spin it toward the good.

When a fellow man tries to spin your wheel toward the evil it is as if you were in a traffic situation where you lose control over the car. When that happens, he can spin it harder with even greater ease because you cannot orientate yourself anymore. This is a vigorous fight for survival. It is as if you said: ‘Everything needs to be ‘twisted’ and you are OK.’ It is the easiest solution. Although this can physically manifest in a completely different way, that is how it is in reality.

That is why the analysis of your actions and ‘performances’ that you have tried to play out at the expense of others is so important. You thus get them in front of you, you see them and can accept them. Once that happens, you can apologise sincerely. By doing so you get rid of the leftovers of your ‘performances’ that lie everywhere around because you scattered them. By doing so, you uncross the fellow man and spin your wheel toward the good.

Actions that have not been accepted stay with man similarly to echoes – a released spirit that resounds. Each non-relationship or echo should thus be put away. Because everything is infinite each released echo can spin endlessly until somebody stops it with their victim or erases it.

Due to this rule can the generations carry the burdens of echoes of previous generations. Because nobody has put them away, the cross of these echoes is borne by next generations. The most simple, easy and with one move can they be put away by him who caused them. All others must give a victim to annul them. However, it usually happens that those who cause them would rather die than to tidy up after themselves. That is man’s principle.

When you stop a person who creates echoes, you stop the wheel that spins toward evil. Yet each man decides for himself whether his wheel will spin toward the good. You cannot make him. You cannot do anything for anyone if they do not agree.

We have entered the time when the relationships have become one. Consequently will the echoes that man created hit exactly him. His principle is what keeps his wheel spinning. The result is in front of him and more and more will he realise that he has been acting wrong. As long as man did not have himself in front of himself he was able to consider himself goody-two-shoes, for he saw only the faces of others. He was not aware that his own manner would come back once he is standing in front of himself.

In this world – the world of consequence before cause – all echoes cannot be automatically wiped out, for they are eternal. Consequently they hit somebody else if the one who created them does not erase them. Possibly more people or even entire generations (history of the Jewish nation). Now that the world has become one or a non-difference, the place for proper manifestations will run out and man will stand alone in front of himself. The consequence and the echoes are in front of him more and more and he himself will be the cause of his condition.

Although in this world man is born on his side or asymmetrically and is not from the other side, he can imagine the view from it and thus condition the counterpoint. People who create echoes see themselves as righteous or even victims because they cannot look from the other side. Herein lays the secret of the intellect.

A principle means that man is watching from his side and is sure that the world is unfair. He is not willing to look from the other side and check whether the world is fair or not to him. His illusions only grow bigger therefore, and it is as if one said: ‘I am I and you are you.’

Even if a certain life situation was to turn such a person into the right direction, distress and depression would follow, for former conditions have to be ‘put away’ or accepted.

An intelligent person who turns his look knows that all the notions, among them also justice and injustice, are completely subjective. To be able to agree with the other side man must agree to his own humility and loyalty. Only subjugation to life enables the look from the other side. The intellect therefore depends only on humility and loyalty.

It is man’s duty to look solely from the other side. Every relationship, or let us say talk, makes sense only when it is from the other side. Only when two are one from the other. When someone is only from his side, it is all about proving and confirming himself. That is no intellect that can in the long run be only madness. That is what happened to Hitler in the end. He was killed by his own madness or the reality in front of him that he could not accept.

Generations of today, especially women, more than anything hate notions such as: humility, loyalty, modesty, obedience, etc. In themselves they translate them as inactivity. They consider loyalty as stupidity. Surrendering to chance is the biggest sin of the modern man. One has to be active at all costs, which means that it is necessary to establish and confirm exclusively only ‘your own’ place.

And yet man looks from every other place. When he is talking to a fellow man and is hearty he basically looks and talks from his place or unknowingly from his own essence.

Heartiness and loyalty are therefore very important, for they subconsciously free man of his place of illusion and with that of stress, and bring him true peace and satisfaction.

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