The runaway world of nature – the twice runaway world of man


The runaway world of nature, the twice runaway world of man…
The reflection and the reflection of the reflection of God’s basic maths.

The vertical is the basis of life which works as a mandala – a symmetrical pattern, the whole of two opposites. This mathematical calculation of opposites is the free energetic state which is the prerequisite of everything. The vertical manifests itself twice; first according to nature and second according to man, in mental projections. Nature is a form that ran away from the static state of the mandala, whereas man’s world is a twice runaway form.

Even an infant is a runaway mental form, as it is deviation from the basic static state. However, its deviation is small and that is why a child’s mentality is in gaseous form. Therefore, although a child carries the basic mental projection, it still does not sin. Only once its mentality traverses into the liquid state, does it begin to sin because with its free begins to dance in projections. When it grows up psychologically and becomes sexually active, it is in a solid state – from here the return to the static state or complete deviation through enthronement of the right of free projections is possible.

Each person carries inside cessation, static state or death. All man’s achievements in the moving state are worthless to life; only acceptance of the static state leads to dissolution. Only man can stop his runaway natural form, if he stops in his mental world beforehand – only a mental cessation is a match to the natural form. He is given an indirect form, so that he has the hold for the acceptance of the basic static state that nature has given him. Once he stops, he is sober and no longer dreams. Only once his calculation is zero, can his natural form begin to stop.

When man through discovery achieves his personal zero, the static state of the projected mental form takes up which takes from the circulation the zero that has been functioning as a pro forma invoice between the plus and the minus. Everyone then loses the seeming addition, for they have been living their plus through the addition of the zero at the expense of minus. As much as he has been loyal to the minus (acceptance of death), the self-willed can measure himself out into the plus. However, once the loyal once become the zero (final acceptance of death), the calculation no longer pans out and the reign of random projection worlds at the expense of others ends; for nobody can rule the dead. One can only reign at the expense of fear of fellow man or until the fellow man is fighting for ‘his’ life.

The time of unbinding and on the other hand binding has come.

Everyone lived a mirrored picture, they moved and measured themselves,
Only Jesus accepted the cessation and stopped the wild sea of runaway forms.

Jesus accepted the zero of mental reflections in the desert and there he completely subjugated himself to God’s will. On the cross he accepted the zero of the manifested form, gave up his natural form and offered his body. If he had not set the double zero, all the manifestation forms might have deformed and the world decay, but as it was, he was stationed after Him.

‘I have beat the world’,
You are no longer in the world of runaway forms, you are on the shore.

Jesus is loaded into the zero (the subconscious) entirely or as everything – with all forms of life. However, he has to be confirmed by the other zero, so that can activate the infinite world from the zero. According to the rule of God’s mathematics Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, but he needs the shore of somebody else, so that he can step on it and live forever.