The riverbed of life

The place of feedback


You are the carrier of feedback, everything is returning to the starting point after you.

Those who do not set the rules, become the rule. Those who avoid the rules of life, are making their own, arbitrary rules. A loyal person does not set rules of the starting point, the self-willed does. Each set rule is death. If you are willing to take the position, you take the rule onto yourself and become the rule of feedback, you become super-conductive. Yet everyone resists and avoids rules.

A wave is information without the starting point, without coverage. It has two sides, a temporal and a spatial one. Man cannot choose the wave, but he has to – as a being of free will – choose its side; he cannot avoid that. The wave is one half that defines the quarter and indirectly conditions the one eight. The circle starts turning into a ball after it and within this ball is the direct feedback. The wave engages, the circumference locates and the circle realizes.

The place of feedback is precisely defined; it is a place that is defined by every life situation. Nowadays that is always the point of death. Only death remains and those who accept it are saved from its burden. He who accepts the void in himself will gaze into infinite contents of life; he who will fulfil himself with anything, will gaze into his own void.

Many people live with many things, but some at the expense of the foreign project their illusions, while some open the content to the foreign at their own expense. Until now everything was indirect and one-sided. Everything was happening indirectly among people. Man could imagine whatever he wanted, everything was just a performance in the mirror of another, but the relation was real and now everything is coming into direct contact. The ruin is a direct one eight, eternal life a direct whole, and the indirect contact between them is then gone.

One eight enables two-sidedness or super-conductivity. Superconductivity does not need any information, only the complete acceptance of the place in which life puts you. If somebody defines you in death, accept and do not be afraid, for their own definitions are through super-conductivity coming back to everyone. Life returns to him who conditions life, and the voids come back to those who seed them. Such is the righteousness of the Lord’s rule, once the one-sided rules lose the power of their arbitrary reflections.

In the name of the unknown x you were able to defend ‘your’ side, but was this side not one-sidedly arbitrary? Were you then defending only arbitrariness? And if you are only a conductor, why do you even wonder and define anything for yourself? You will know everything because of others. Only the one eight is undividable and unreflective, and it thus conditions two-sidedness or super-conductivity. If you do not deal with your place, everything will be given to you through it.

When the power of the spirit arises, it engulfs everything. This change will pass through all forms of life, for all forms are actors of life, all get accustomed to their one-sided rules. You will become a two-sided rule, super-conductive, if you give up your side.

You are not a spring, nor a river, only the riverbed of life. Do not search for a spring within yourself, allow the river and it will flow down the riverbeds of yours.

Where there is a riverbed, there is also a river. If one world would not be missing, then people would not be able to live their arbitrary worlds. However, there are too many who automatically take advantage of the empty riverbed and without any conscious rush through their worlds. Very few believe in the river.

The same as the Lord allows freedom to all creatures, so should you allow freedom to everything around yourself. As much as you allow something, that much it can be present with you. Your allowance is your home and no one can open anyone’s door, only their own.

There are no right or wrong decisions, yet every decision opens the land of the spirit and according to its content you will know what kind of decisions you have made. Those who are superficial, demand from others what life demands from them. We are ghosts, seeds without the soil, until we die and agree to the fact that we are only the soil to the seed of one another.

Your decisions always awake the spirit. Unselfishness is the basis of the spirit of life, while selfishness ignites the fires of principles that destroy everything. There are many who hate everything because they are falling under the rule of life, for no one can put into force their arbitrary rules. The rule of the ball from one eight, the rule of the vertical, does not handle arbitrariness outside the rules of life.

Acceptance of absence

You will not all die, some will change.

People are absently present in their free imagination and presently absent in subjugation to the logic of action. The world of present absence and absent presence is unbinding into your absence or your presence. People search for a miraculous presence of the transcendent, without knowing that the complete presence of life is coming, one that will open the voids that with their presence limit man. Your presence was up till now balanced with your absence; now everyone will preponderate – into complete absence of life or into complete absence which will give birth to complete presence of life.

The end of the world is not some event that is outside of us and that will happen to this world; it is happening within us.

It is infinitely difficult for a man to agree to his absence, whereas he cannot even imagine infinite absence. He is hurt by the smallest defeat, for it puts him into absence. The one who manages to stay absent is winning.

We are each burdened by the abyss of absence and unbound by the presence of life content. People are afraid of their own absence and they steal the presence of others, because they cannot agree to their own non-existence.

Only once you analyse something in detail can you agree to the absence, and the absence can step into the place of your presence then. Complete comprehension is necessary in order to step into complete absence. People enter their absence with every dream, yet not really, for even in dreams we each dream our presence.

Jesus went into complete absence and conditioned complete presence of everyone. Your free will, however, cannot be touched by anyone, not even the Lord can interfere with it. If you did not have free will, you would not be able to unbind your life.

Your decision is a direct relation that decides about your absence or presence, about contents or voids. Never judge anyone, for their relations are their own and have nothing to do with you. Have the power to agree to your non-existence and everything will exist after you. It does not matter whether you are simple or well-read, the Lord does not differentiate between the simple and demanding, but between the living and the dead.

Man is hunted by his own relation and is stressed as much as he holds on to something. The power of resignation is not in skilfulness – skilfulness is needed for your existence – for resignation from oneself much more is necessary. If you are fair, all the situations lead you into resignation. Perfect is only that which is without everything and only in the perfect absence of your own will your soul rest and the Lord will recognize your love.

If you have not asked yourself before, ask yourself now; what have you really loved in life? And if you cannot find anything real, pray for your love every night, for it is the only one after which man can resign and resign from himself. Do no deal with your story, be a riverbed in the name of all and the time will come that will bring content into it. All the stories end when real life begins and lucky he, who has kept his riverbed clean.

Love is the only riverbed in the palm of which the Lord trusts life.

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