The power of the third point


Today you can read everything in people, for if you do not get caught up in dualism yourself, the third point opens you a clear view into reality.

Do not do anything through dualism but watch and do through the third point. Do not use the ‘impolite form’ with people because that is how you condition weakness in fellow man and reveal the reality of the Lord. And what you build according to your rule, the rule of the Lord squares – now how will you get out of that?

If you wish dignity to life then respect the third point and do not translate it into two or even one dimension, because by doing that you take the dignity away. The moment you step too close, you condition dualism. Keep your distance and stand in the name of the third point, even if the other side is betraying it.

Use the power of the third point to put dualism in front of the objective of reality. The power of spirit is in immediate decision – do not define time either, once you take the intention upon yourself. Skip every personal notion, do not get personally involved, react from the basis of the third and the Lord will be with you in reality.

The power of the third point is at full disposal now.

The measurement of horizontal or the womb of birth no longer applies. As much as you took away, is through feedback taken from you, for there is no credit after life. From the vertical will the devoted make totality out of one eight – while the totality of ‘the smart one’ sinks into the abyss of the missing spirit, into the element where he tortures himself. The measurement becomes infinite in both directions and the hearty one conditions the infinity of everything on one hand, and opens the infinity of nothing on the other.