The power of the invisible

You are not the owner of life, you are only a place that life can flow to


Even a bird becomes silent in a cage, how could life flow in your ownership?

The illusion of owning one’s own life is the hardest, deepest root in man. We all keep the point of life occupied and deal with the psychology of proper life. In stories people testify to their life up to tears, yet they do not even have one. In the deception that he owns his life, man is becoming selfish. And the Lord asks:

Where should I step, if all the places are full?

The Lord gave you the day that you live. Nobody and nothing got life by itself, not even the Lord. The Lord respects what you respect and if you do not respect him, then He cannot respect you, for you are the Lord’s soul.

Nobody has his life at his disposal, but he can undulate the life of another and another for him.

Life is hidden in the invisible.

You do not have eyes so as to take advantage of the visible, but to find and respect the invisible. And if you do not believe in the invisible, at least do not defile it.

Proper benefit is like a lamb in the clothes of the invisible, but with the look of a jackal hidden in them.

Man seeks benefits in the invisible; you are a liar to everything visible, only the consciousness is telling you about the invisible and makes a liar out of you in everything that you look to benefit from. Man does not lie only in front of the invisible, however, nowadays nobody takes the invisible into account anymore, as the conscious is dead in the living of its own.

If two live respecting the invisible, they live as one in the spirit, but if two live each their own dream of the invisible, they remain strangers in the play of proximities.

You are not the owner of anything, but you have the power that is above all ownerships, with which you try to reach your greatness, in your hands. Everyone, even the poorest man, has the power of its grace, the power of giving; yet also the sword that takes the proximities away.

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