The power of images

For man a solid wall is never somebody else – man can only be a solid wall to himself


We live the world of deficiencies in which each of these deficiencies can be either an impervious wall or simply a mist. Some intensify the smallest nuances into the darkness of catacombs, while others turn the walls of deficiencies into morning mists.

Only so that we learn, for our actions are our lessons. Man has to be stronger than any image in order not to turn deficiency into something incontrollable. Most of the people are doing something that exceeds them and they thus live under the burden of their own images. Yet it is on each of us to lessen the fellow man’s images, not enhance them. That is the duty of every educator, of every man.

A simple farm mother knew how to walk through the fog of deficiency without turning it into a wall of impassability. For life has always been deficient, whereas man today turns completely unimportant deficiencies into impassable walls in front of which young lives succumb.

When you are doing something, do not get into the details but rather take a general look and everything will automatically outline itself in good time. If you demand every detail at once and at all costs, then only one detail that is left unsolved will generally break down everything.

You are destruction to yourself and everything to another. He who is everything to himself will crumble into the darkness of his own images – he who is ready to be anybody else will be the origin of light to everyone.

Man can be bigger or smaller than another only in his own image. In an inverse time, therefore, everything can be nothing and nothing can be everything, and consequently can we subjugate each other. However, once the unknown becomes known and time turns around – then everything that is not one with the other collapses into an abyss of man’s own deception.

Gravitation is an unknown that is searching for the accurate data. Until now we have been orbits of one another and from the black hole (from time) we either opened up a circle, or closed the given circle into the black hole. When you become somebody and somebody becomes you, the unknown is gone. And once the unknown is gone, there are no more deficiencies.

Each is tortured by his own fantasy
about himself, about others, about the world
until he beats it
and enters a dialogue with whatever.

If I accept that I am only what I am,
I solve my eternal problem –
for I can be everything else to everybody
and everyone can be everything to me.

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