The point of nullification


The point of nullification
The point of nullification

The basic principle of universe is magnetism that creates gravity. Magnetism is a vertical, whereas gravity a horizontal principle.

Magnetism is a direct principle and operates directly. Within ourselves it works as instinct and is reflected in all automatic reactions that we cannot control, in reflexes and all basic vital functions like the beating of the heart, functioning of the digestive system and similar. Gravitation, on the other hand, is an indirect principle that is reflected in us in the form of emotions, thinking and decision-making.

The operating of magnetism and gravitation can be illustrated with a funnel or a cone made from three quarters of a circle and turned upside down. In its centre or ground zero, there lies the origin of the magnetism that works vertically. Its sides that rise obliquely from the ground zero represent gravitational orbits or horizontal orbits of circulation. The centre of the magnetism creates gravity that is in the universe reflected as the circling of the planets and in man’s mentality as the circling of the souls – the souls, the same as planets, circle around the ground zero of the centre or the spirit, each in its own orbit.

Gravitation occurs due to the quantum leap of the magnetism. The biggest breakthrough is possible at the highest point of the circumference where the difference between the centre and the orbit is the biggest. In the centre itself, where the difference does not exist, there is also no breakthrough and the gravity is thus annulled.

The magnetism has in the core of the cone a certain basic voltage that is different in each person. In it the soul lights up like a light, for the soul is like a light that burns on electricity or spirit. If the spirit breaks through the soul too strongly, it kills its directness, and that means all the emotions, the play, the thinking and the intelligence. Whenever a person goes crazy and cannot control himself that means that there has been a breakthrough within him.

The breakthrough occurs if a person is a bad insulator and the level of it depends on the person’s emotional state. We are all carrying the breakthrough as there does not exist a man that would not be on the circumference, would not gravitate. Every man is thus imperfect with the final purpose of becoming a perfect insulator.

Our emotional states are thus merely a spectre of many magnetic breakthroughs that condition the gravitation of our souls. Yet our electric bulb or soul does not always shine the same. When we are asleep, it flickers. In the morning when we wake up it starts shining with just a few per cent of power while during the day it may light up completely. The breakthroughs, however, occur also during the night and that is why we dream.

The result of every breakthrough of the soul at the touch of each life situation is its shift either up on the circumference or down, toward the centre. The path of a man’s soul represents the disintegration of the great gravity on its way toward ground zero, toward the bottom of the cone where the orbits of circling are closer and closer to the centre.

The more a man in his personal growth descends toward the foundation, the more he is becoming a sort of an insulator and therefore does not need his identity anymore. The need for it is getting smaller because the orbit of circling is getting smaller. Once it lands on the bottom, in the core of gravitation, it reaches the point of nullification.

At the point of nullification there is no more breakthrough, and the gravitation is annulled. Man is then at his most normal and can stand infinitely greater voltage than a man who is on the orbit. On one hand he becomes a perfect insulator and on the other superconducting. Infinite current can thus run through him.

At this point the gravitation is completely separated from the magnetism and man is on the verge of eternity – this is the point from which he departs into perpetuity.