The palm of peace

Trust in the Lord, for you are his love


Man does not have his own state; there are only acceptances or non-acceptances of the states of others in him. If man does not accept these states, he is creating conceptual states within himself, and they are all full of disquiet, only the acceptance the only palm of peace.

People in conceptual states love with the same easiness as they hate, when in fact they are not really accepting themselves, because in order to do so they would have to leave their state.

‘You will realize that you have hated me without a reason,

…for I have accepted all the states and I was only your state.’

‘Love each other like I loved you.’

…do not live your conceptual states past each other in the palms of your own disquiet, which turns loves into hatred. Love one another and accept each other’s states, for there is God’s mercy in acceptance and a void in non-acceptance, where Lord’s palm does not reach.

Trust in the Lord, for you are his love.

Man solves his states with event which he places into his time, but with all of them he is overtaking the Lord, who pours time into an event – that is His love.

This world is a world of states that were taken upon and that life sprung from. The Lord took all the states upon himself and thus created the world; in the end he left his state and created man. He created him according to his own image, a being without its own state, who can take all the states upon himself.

Jesus had the power and courage to accept all the states and he therefore did not have one of his own, but slowly, through the centuries, he is rising in all of those who are by accepting others leaving their own imaginary state and are becoming the palms of peace of Lord’s mercy.

The eye does not see the eye, and just the same man cannot get out of his state until somebody becomes his state – so that the eye could see the eye and realize its conceptuality or ostensibility. All states are godly – they are merely your ostensible abyss, into disquiet of which you are falling without a reason.

If somebody is weakness, be weakness with him.
If somebody is fear, be fear with him.
If somebody is sadness, be sadness with him…

For only from the palm of accepted weakness will spring power,
From the accepted fear courage,
From the accepted sadness joy.

Yours, His, Father’s