The only one


You are the time of the only one in everything and everything in the only one.
As the only one, you can subjugate all the time or give up the only one in you
And offer your time to everything.

It is difficult to give up the only one in yourself, since you are the only one,
The only one in body, in soul, and the spirit of the Only one.

The cradle of the Only one, according to the bo11dy one half, the soul one fourth and spirit one eight, which you can, due to your free will, as the only one above everything either accept or reject.

One eight cannot exist on its own, and yet it has the power to level the spirit. Once you accept one eight, you no longer exist, you are no longer outside of somebody, and yet inside somebody, who is himself somebody that does not exist.

Acceptance of one eight is the power of the anti-current.

Every current is an analysis and runs backwards, as it is a division of some multiplication – every anti-current is a current forwards, as it is a multiplication of some division.

Man who does not take one eight upon himself is an anti-current to everything around him, but in fact only to himself until the day of triumph, when he realizes the value of a touch; for there is nothing left that could touch him, as his anti-current had extinguished everything.

Through everything life is touching you with the Only one and man should, in his only one be modest and not rise above anything, despite whether life makes him modest or not.

Man alone has never solved anything, all the fights are finished by the Lord, and it is on you to respect life and give priority to the current of life and so not object to everything with your own anti-current.

The soul is the view of the consciousness and the consciousness the view of the soul,
And a window into the world of the Only one.

Man analyses on the inside so that he could see on the outside, and he can subjugate everything to his proper inside. As much as you analyse, that much you want to be seen, that much view you lose. After everything you have seen, you will be seen, as you will be recognized in somebody else; everywhere where you have shone, you will become invisible, as nobody will be able to see you in himself.

The path through one’s own awareness is a long one, full of empty directions of subjective delusions and each crossroad on it can be fatal for the soul. Most of the people chose the easy way, but remain a stranger to everything.

People in all eras lived this or that way,
But the rule of life is as quiet as the frost on the fields of the morning, cold and serious.
Only he who soberly faces the consciousness of everything,
Is forgetting his own fields and melting the frost on the fields of the real.
And life is quiet and serious,
And yet with him on the fields of everything.