The only indicators of the actual state within a man are peace and unrest


A realistic man always helps another when the situation demands it and those who live in their illusions never do, although it might seem that they are willing. The problem lies in the fact that man defines for himself when he will do something – which is in the final sense the same – never. A realistic man lives for his close ones, and dreamers for themselves. In front of others they therefore defend only their real or dreamy image.

The only real indicators of the actual state within a man are peace and unrest. There are two types of peace: peace on the human level or in the soul, and peace of the spirit. The peace in the soul is a consequence of ‘positive’ thinking and is therefore not real. Any thinking on one’s own accord, as ‘positive’ as it may be, is an illusion. Any positive thinking in front of God, who is pure reality, thus equals nothing and cannot bring any real or spiritual peace. It can only bring momentary peace which is the consequence of suggestion and not nearly the reality. The modern philosophy about the power of positive thinking and the law of faith are thus a true delusion.

Today there are more ‘positively’ thinking people roaming this world than there ever have been throughout the history of mankind. And yet there has never been more indifference and darkness among people.

Man can only be a true believer and can be in subordination to the Creator or the Life in front of him. The most difficult of all is therefore to help turn the ‘positively’ thinking ones or the orthodox. How to explain to them that everything they think and do has no connection with the reality and everything is simply their delusion.

True spiritual peace is the peace of a tired farmer in the evening.

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