The mystery of the truth

The rebellious one is thrown out of reality


All throughout the human era there existed a link between the presence and the objectivity – between nothing and everything. Here in infinitely were one and the same – while in the middle there was the vision about reality. The truth about life was a mystery.

With human development and final realization, the world passes over into a state where the distances are less and less relative (1:1). The truth is no longer a hundred metres closer or further so that it could be described subjectively; it stands on the place of each individual. That, however, is a place where no subjectivity can be neither mitigated nor overshadowed, and it is cruel to people. In earlier days it was easy to win with subjectivity, however now, in 1:1 ratio, the results of fights remain drawn. We are at a level where we need to define ourselves. You can leave your position and surrender, or you can start an eternal fight with the truth; that, however, would be nonsense since you cannot fool sheer facts.

Jesus teaches us: ‘Let yourself go carelessly, you will come into my offering anyway.’

Different human cultures passed through this relative world of truth. Now the end of cultures, intellect and everything has come. There is only an indescribable confusion, for man is losing everything that he has been given after the Lord – intellect, free will and the entire sensuous world.

All of this has arrived so quietly, as quietly as a thief or the morning sun. The trees no longer have the arbitrariness of shadows – whereas before a small tree had, at an exact moment in the day, a big shadow, which offered those who bet on it a seemingly fake greatness of that tree.

As long as the truth was seemingly smaller than us, people played with it as if they were gods. They resembled naïve children who played volleyball with it; some charmingly – childishly, others seriously – scientifically. The world of emotions was an inexhaustible source of power for the acceptance of a certain ratio to the truth.

This ratio is now final – 1:1. This is the first, and at the same time the last stage. From here on the truth either grows or gets smaller. It outgrows the disloyal ones and becomes a beast with sharp teeth to them, while at the same time it starts kindly serving the loyal ones.

This is the noose of the spirit of time in which this world now finds itself. It is dividing into a perfect world of abstraction or Satanism, and on the other side into a real world of perfection of the Holy Spirit.

The human race cannot turn back anymore – it can only spin like it were a lathe. With thick logs the turning takes longer.

This is at the same time also one of the most beautiful of all periods, which man has subconsciously sought for throughout all of his eras. It is the time of complete unburdening in which man is freed from the slavery of dreamy images and can finally take a deep breath and calm down.

However, that is difficult to realize in time. Once he is faced with reality, man no longer has the ratio so that he could decide in time, for he has decided already. The only thing he has left is the cross. Even different helping tools, such as wisdom, philosophy, etc. are gone. He has to accept everything as it is, for only thus can he remain realistic and in the state of normality.

In rebellion the reality throws man out, whereas each accepted state redeems him. Each hatred is becoming more and more hatred toward oneself. Each acceptance is the acceptance of oneself.

Man would be in the deepest prayer if he let go of all his principles and ‘regularities’, and only trust, for then the good intention would automatically solve all his problems. Everything else ignites tension. The times are such that even a sensible word does not mean anything anymore.