The mystery of The Spirit

The Spirit opens up paths, and then man realizes them according to his conscience and loyalty


Everything that you outgrow dies in you. However, the death is not of that which you outgrow, but yours.

The secret of eternal life is the secret of eternal touches which you alone condition with your smallness.

And there is the secret of the eternally waiting one, who has killed every touch of life with the impression of life that he wanted to create.

The great one never learns anything about anything, for he grows larger in everything that he touches with his artificial worlds. Only there where man bends does the rule make him smaller and only there does life teach him with its touches.

We live in a world of asymmetry – in a world of relations, where the big in the small is becoming bigger, and the small in the big smaller. Once the big becomes infinite in its size, then the small will become infinite in its smallness. And then will the world of the big ones and small ones part and the ratio between them pass over.

And after them the world of the new ratio – with infinite lives in it in the name of one death, yet infinite deaths in the name of one life.

If you are death after someone, do not defend your life. Everything else that you are trying to be past that which someone defines for you is against the rules of life.

The great hides in the small and only he who agrees to his smallness uncovers the great.

If someone is great and defines you as small, agree to the exposure – due to you will he become conscious of himself the great one, and will be able to admit it to himself or accuse you of your own. It is not difficult to accept the ratio that someone defines if you know that he is that, which he defines you as.

He who defines is defined by his own reflection; only the colours of the allowed impregnate each other.

It is natural that a child wishes to be big, for the nature in him opens up the circle of contents, so that through them he will once be able to become small. However, when the circle of nature in you demands the acceptance of the small, do not defend yourself the great one with artificial worlds, for you will trample all the laws of nature in you and the natural functions will leave you one after the other against your will, and thus impoverish you of all touches of life.