The mystery of awareness


He who within himself agrees to nothing,
Conditions everything and paves into infinity on the parchment of God’s roll.

He who within himself agrees only to everything,
Does not condition anything and is erasing the roads drawn in the sand of time.

But only the neighbour will hear the voice of the neighbour,
Once the day comes when your path will be his and his yours,
Like a golden fish caught from infinity.

God is a mystery of awareness, untouchable and eternal

In no form that you could imagine does God exist, but there exists the mystery of awareness, untouchable and eternal, which is becoming aware inside of you, in each act of a fair man, and is turning out to be tangible; while all unfair is getting lost in the intangible world of the visible, because it has risen above the power of the invisible.

We are accuracy for one another, to ourselves eternal dreams of some accuracy, which enslaves the place of incompletion of the other side for its dream, instead of giving its own. Just the same as He did, he who is infinite and the final servant of life, infinite mercy that is waiting for you to give him his place, so that he could become aware in you, for you have been aware in Him from the moment of His death on the cross.

As long as something is not perfect, it flows like time through space into the infinity; only once it becomes perfect, it becomes aware and the space flows through time. Man can cook up his thoughts infinitely, however, if nothing becomes aware in him, he waits eternally like a sent message without a reply – waits for what?

Awareness is conditioned only after another, you in yourself have only illusions that flow into eternity, while we are, for one another, a dimension which opens up a dimension and gives birth to reality.

Many doubt God due to the pain of this world. Pain resides there where there is no awareness, but there could be.

Some live above the earth of the unaware and with their consciousness create everything, but create only dreams, for nothing can become aware in them. Only he who is a loyal servant of life carries the burden of the unaware, and according to his loyalty everything in him is becoming aware.

Some are creators of life, some are loyal servants – the former ones with everything confirm the great ones in the small ones in front of them – the latter are clowns that bring joy into the hearts of the small ones because they are small, and every laughter covers the tear in itself.

Genetically modified foods, are that not lost beings, torn from the hands of life, and whose all invisible attributes of life have been taken away due to empty promises of greed; from the taste to the first and last mercy of mother nature – seeds due to which the egg divides and preserves life. Man is thus killing life with his creation instead of serving it, so that the consciousness in him could mature and cover the attribute of the invisible in him.

All the secret of the visible is in the invisible and if it obviously defiles the attributes of the invisible, it cuts its own wings with an empty promise, for everything that is conscious is falling into the circle of one eight of infinite multiplication without an answer – without coverage; while everything that is aware opens up the circuit of eternal life, for the condition is awareness with its respect for life.

All creatures are completely covered with the fluid of the Lord, and therefore no animal or plant is embarrassed, it only flows in the Lord’s fluid from birth till death. Man is half covered in unawareness – while in awareness he is ashamed of the unaware within him, which hunts him like death until he accepts the unaware inside and thus opens up the place of awareness, so that the Lord could flow like a being in him.

Man is infinitely ashamed in front of another man, and yet he does no know that there is nothing shameful in his incompleteness, for incompleteness is mercy that is in acceptance becoming an attribute of completeness – and in non-acceptance eternal fear of proper circle of incompleteness. Each is for himself a closed circle of eternal multiplication or incompleteness; to one another we are an open circle which is becoming complete through division and is opening up the circuit of eternal life.

Each point in the universe is a point of the present, and man the only being who has free will, due to which he can take the present upon himself. In man everything can and must become aware, so that it could live forever; with only a trace of unaware in you, in him, everything will always be dying. For the universe is made of traces and only a trace, in awareness unfulfilled like a tsunami, embraces everything that is aware in you, who are the Universe of the present.

All forms are final and space runs through them; only man is a form of time that runs through space, unfinished in space, on the edge of his own choice between the fluid of death and the fluid of life, and after him the whole universe is unfinished.

We are attributes of life to one another,
Captivity of some unfinished form to ourselves,
That can infinitely finalize in itself, yet never fulfil,
As it eternally remains without the attribute of life,
Without the dimension of man after man.