The moral law binds everyone the same


 The moral law is the only law that God can release after man.

Technical, national, etc. laws are established by man for his safety and consequently all the human laws are so easily broken. The moral law, however, is the law of the Lord and everyone stops before it as it is the strongest law – it is the law above all the human rules and laws – and triggers consciousness in us.

The moral law is the law that binds all of us the same. People are nowadays, however, without any conscience and therefore not prepared to stop even before moral laws.

Due to failure to comply with the moral law all human systems, throughout the history, have fallen apart and will ultimately fall apart in the era that we live in.

Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Mandela… are all individuals that can be considered as examples of moral law respect. These people were the consciousness of this world.

The laws of countries are technical laws whereas the moral law knows no limits and was consequently always common to all. The only limit to the moral law can be man himself.