The logic of illogic

It is more difficult to do up a house than to build a new one, for when you are building, you are free within, whereas when fixing, you have to bend to the other side, although you have drawn it yourself.


Man is illogic to another man, they are a mystery to each other, and yet that mystery is us ourselves. Each of us carries two sides within; one is his and one is not, and the latter is untouchable. That side is the Spirit, which is why you cannot change it with the logic of your own – you can only accept it.

Each has his own free will and due to it he can either accept the other side – the free form, or become a fighter on the trenches of his own logic with it. Each proper logic is asymmetry, each acceptance of illogic a pair for the other side or the counterpoint. Only in the acceptance of the other side do the foundations of the house of life grow, and he who is building a house of his own is erecting castles in the clouds; but behind the walls of the house, there is nothing real.

Man can consider the other side his pair and relive himself in it; only he who puts himself in a pair feels and experiences the other side. For a man to be able to give a pair to things, he has to take the cross of the left or the point of standstill onto himself. Man conditions the right to another and opens the space of activity only from the point of death or standstill.

The point of statics gives birth to dynamics – dynamics determines statics. In this world one is in sequence before the other: dynamics statics – statics dynamics, and in it only man can choose the sequence and agree to the static sooner, before he is defined into it by death. The left always pollinates the right, the statics the dynamics, only man can live a world of inverted sequences in the world of the psyche.

Between two who have agreed to the point of standstill or death, the space for life is opening; the statics is pollinating the dynamics; whereas two who defend their lives, are for each other limiting and closing the space to the point of death, the witnesses of which they are becoming to one another in the fight for their own lives.

This world is a world of statically dynamic sequences, in which the dynamic seemingly pollinates the statics; however, in reality nothing is in sequence to be able to pollinate anything, everything is merely sequences or reflections. Once the statics completely covers the statics, when death is covered with death, they pollinate each other and open the ratio or space in which life starts flowing.

Your body is an untouchable sequence of natural conditionings, your soul an untouchable sequence of free will of your conditionings and the spirit an untouchable sequence of the sequence which opens the ratio of your conditionings.

When all dreams leave behind the horizon of your acceptance and fall asleep at the point of standstill, and when the horizons of acceptances from the other side awake them, then the day of the ratio of untouchable and eternal arises.

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