The liar in me


The liar in me is my sin and my fear,
Until with the individual I cover the common
And steal the lies from the real.

During the time of the unknown we were the palms in the darkness of the inner to one another,
But liars in front of each other, inasmuch we enforced our rule outside;
Only by agreeing to the other side, did we uncover the darkness from our eyes.
In the time when the unknown is no longer, everyone runs into it,
The liar before himself and his own eyes.

During the time of the unknown there were no liars or anything real;
For there was no measurement of either one or the other.

Lie is a defence which makes sense as long as there is an unknown in front of us;
Once the unknown is recognized, every lie becomes only an escape from oneself.

Nowadays man is in conflict only with the known,
Only a fool runs into the unknown today,
The one who will by no means agree to the feedback.

Once the unknown is solved, everyone is a liar before it,
As long as they live the starting point after another, for even every somebody is a liar.

The Lord gives birth to life, and man can either condition it or not.
The secret of the fluid is the secret of the Lord spilt among everyone,
But man a being on two sides,
With the freedom of one, a bridge between the fluids of everything.

Uncatchable in time, untouchable in space, more subtle than anything – a fluid,
Without any kind of balance, for even when it is from two sides, it is one-sided,
Each from his own direction.
The spirit of the Truth, always two-sided, but one and the same from all directions.

Everything inner is common – everything outer individual,
Everything common is the Lord’s – everything individual the root of evil.

Arbitrariness is rising above the common with the individual,
Loyalty is searching for common with the individual.
The primary subjugates the common to the individual, the secondary the individual to the common.

‘Be individual and I will subjugate the whole world to you,’
The devil tried to tempt Jesus in the desert and tries so with everyone.
For evil tries with the one and only, yet inseminates all with the same,
But in the Lord, everything that agrees to the identical, is becoming one and only.

Everything outside is conditioned from the inside.
Everything individual is taken from the common
So as to inseminate among each other and give birth in the common.
Therefore everything individual is rising above the common, drawing a world that does not exist.

Distances are getting closer to one another, for each demands more and more for itself
And once one crashes into another, they will knock each other out.
The common is drawing away and withdrawing from the individual, for it allows more and more,
And on the inside bridges are drawn in the infinity, saluting all their close ones.

Everything individual is a lie and you a liar in everything you are.
Each individual is afraid that something will be stolen from him,
But only lies are stolen.
Only a modest man is grateful in his heart, for even having something that he can give.

Everyone lives their own name and their right individual himself in the common,
But nobody agrees to being nameless and gives the endowment of the individual to the common,
Or his basis which is the starting point of everything.

Everything that hunts separately steals and impoverishes the golden chest of the common,
Unknowingly taking from its own world, until there is nothing left,
Only an empty nothing in the name of the individual.
Only that which agrees to the common automatically falls into another
And becomes someone’s name.

Each outer relationship is individual (tone) and each interior common (fifth circle)
And Jesus put the individual into the common and is waiting for the fifth circle to rise from it.
With his offering, Jesus put the foundation or the starting A of the fifth circle
Into the inner world (time),
Which is now coming to an end and will be confirmed with the final.

Light (aliquot) like aurora borealis on the inside and a ray on the outside
Found itself in a subjugated tone on the inside,
Who on the third day rose from the dead.
Thus, it first rose after the light (basis) and the print is still visible on the Shroud of Turin; after man it will rise the second time, this time forever.

Before Jesus the Lord was only an echo of echoes (aliquots), aurora borealis of light,
And after Jesus the light of life and Jesus, the path down the fifth circle of Lord’s infinity.

But the evil tempts with the individual and steals souls from the common sky of innerness,
That is from the outside seen as stars in time.

It is difficult to agree only to here and now, when everything is running from its own eyes,
But there is no other possibility, because the path of crossroads ends with oneself,
Where the path to the sky awaits you.

And it is stupid to measure anything with others, for all measurements are yours,
They only need to be taken upon
And after you everything will be measured into the eternal peace.