The last autocracy


On behalf of proving himself, man searches for a path that no one has ever gone down before, so that he could confirm his individuality, his own place under the Sun. The final state of all these paths which try to surpass everything that was before them, is complete abstraction that mankind has managed to reach these days, from philosophy to politics and art. However, this process destroys the individual, the man as a special form of life, by emptying the meaning of all the important forms of life, one by one. The peak of the development that arises from one’s own will is therefore abstractness and it is becoming more and more obvious that from here on there is nowhere else to go. All special forms of living, whatever kind one might imagine, have exhausted their vitality and turned out to be relative.

It happens every once in a while that someone tries to revive one of the past forms, yet it quickly becomes clear how little life there is left in something that the spirit of time has long ago put away. The world is slowly losing the last remains of identity and there are more and more individuals who are aware that no identity is real anymore and have therefore stopped looking for it. Those, however, who are not yet aware that all attempts at being something definite are consistently and in advance condemned to ruin, those are looking for themselves in the last blind sleeves of arbitrarily chosen identities.