The horizons of your permission

The horizons of your permission

Allow life the beginning and do not worry about the end, for life is taking care of it.

Completely allow the beginning and everything will flow after the Lord, for only He knows the other side, not you.

Man should be prepared to take upon himself the beginning and the Lord will lead him to the other side.

Those who do not allow the beginning in its entirety gravitate in the system and nothing can arise. People mostly exhaust themselves in gravitations, in relations.

He who does not take upon himself the starting point of intention, whirls and gravitates toward the notion of entirety or end, yet is in reality a half-doer. In order to take upon himself the beginning of intention entirely, man must let go of his own intention.

Art does not exist and never has, there only exists the flow into the living life. The power of a complete flow is in letting go of everything that is your own, and in the end in letting go of yourself.

Jesus took upon himself the initial intention, the starting point that through feedback builds wholeness. He taught:

‘Love thy neighbour as you love thyself.’

Therefore, do to others what you want them to do to you and do not ask about the end. That is all you need to know.

Take the beginning upon yourself and wait – the Lord will answer you always and everywhere, accurate and human. Your every inclination is a principle and every Lord’s inclination is elegant and agile like a little bird.

Once you take the beginning upon yourself you cease being you, who watches, or heart that feels, or intellect that defines; it is a spirit that watches, for you give it your eyes, it is a spirit that feels, for you give it your heart, and it is the intellect that gives an accurate answer always and everywhere, for you are at the disposal and it brings spiritual peace to everyone. But in principle only the unrest of the lost who is hiding from himself in everything and everywhere.

The time of nearness of friendship arises where people are fair and have settled in the spirit. Therefore wait for life to make inferences, do not jump to conclusions, for life makes inferences objectively, and you arbitrarily.

Freedom is captivity for a man who is out of its league.

If you are for yourself, the freedom kills you and if you are for somebody else, life is your freedom.

Time is always running out when a person deals only with himself. It is about a form of relentlessness that makes a man react in advance instead of letting things run their course. In the end, man thus becomes his own problem.

The freedom that is coming is not your choice. The freedom is Jesus who is coming.

He who is too present exists much too little in the reality or in the flow. You will not be you anymore, you will be music. Everything will flow into reality. All the relationships between people that will be at disposal will run only as a flow from one eight into the entirety. Therefore do not think what to say, be available and reality will flow through you. That is how the spirit flows and Jesus is coming as such a freedom, as a spirit that flows where somebody is available.

The moment when something gains consciousness the spirit disappears. The secret of life’s vivacity is the secret of intangibility. The problem is in gravitating and the speculation about the end – the death. The point of every journey is that you do not gravitate with anyone or anything so as not to become the prisoner of the thing that you gravitate in. And you will walk until you leave behind all gravitations. The gravitating is the path into death at the cost of life.

The moment when the outside begins to whirl you, it rips you from the inner and takes away the power of the beginning and consequently the power of completion in the Lord.

As long as you wave, you walk; the moment when you gravitate, you remain on the spot of dependence. Provided that you gravitate onto somebody, there is still a chance for solution; once you gravitate onto yourself, you are done.

Not one single notion is true, and no expertise has ever been. This is the world of stage scenery on which the men of importance bet – when man dies there is nothing, for you are nothing. Yet the functions remain and everything that you allow is, and what you don’t allow is not.

No other kingdom of God is coming, only the confirmation of this reality, this state. Mary is appearing and asking to put off the confirmation of the conditioned state, so that man would have time to withdraw from himself.

If you let it, spring will come after you, and days and nights. Until now you only reflected life, life was merely a call of echoes but the one calling was not allowed. You are the one who can allow the one or something that is calling, it is that simple.

Devotion that allows everything the same as to itself is enough.

Man is a sailor yet the moment he gravitates he ties the ships at the sea – God sinks every such spot. But you, just like Noah, entrust your ship to the Lord and take upon yourself the beginning, and the Lord will guide you through the storms of the ocean.

Do not gravitate with anyone or anything. Sail alone, if there is no one there, towards the horizons.

Do not judge anyone but sail with friends.