The golden time

Awareness is the biggest universal force and the most mysterious thread of life


The subconscious ran by your own consciousness and it trusted only that which you subconsciously gave away and in that it grew in you.

Whatever it was that man has truly loved, he subconsciously gave awareness to. On the other hand, he might have never loved anything and only relived himself through everything, living his own consciousness at the expense of it. By doing so he, took away the consciousness of everything and everyone for his own coverage. Many have bestowed their consciousness with love to things, yet only One loved above all.

Jesus loved you at the price of his life and thus gave full consciousness to man, for he completely abandoned his own.

And the Consciousness slept in powerlessness of reflection in each of us and waited for the mornings of the same coverage, the coverage of man who would, like He, who planted the seed of consciousness into you, fall asleep into it and impregnate it with complete confession. Only in complete trust does the Consciousness awake in You, if you have not defiled it with reflections of your own reflection in the eyes before you.

Alone with himself man is nobody and he should agree with that. Life is telling You: ‘You are a man out of Nothing, you are Nothing and you are going into Nothing; do not be scared about anything therefore.’

Man thus should not chase the notion of ’Someone’ before anyone, for he will be alone before himself in the eternity. If man outweighed himself from nothing, he would unburden himself of his presence. Absence would become the same as presence and he would not struggle any longer in his own presence with kindness, intellect… with thousands of masks of his own consciousness without the coverage in spirit.

As long as the seed outside does not fall asleep, it does not cover the seed within and the spirit functions from coverage with the same violence in kindness as in unkindness, with the same audacity in intellect as in foolishness… only the seed that falls asleep outweighs the sleeping seed in you and gives birth to the spirit who fondles with kindness, who gives birth to a thought that enriches and allows silliness that invigorates.

Once the circle of awareness covers the circle of the sleeping consciousness, everything pours off and everyone will be aware then. The consciousness of Life will arise in someone, for he allowed it in the spirit and fed it with the soul. His own consciousness will arise in another, for he covered the consciousness of everything with his soul.

Everything before you carries within the sleeping seed of consciousness – a sleeping eight. All of nature, as well as you, live from the origin of this eight – from the Lord’s stopped time. Only man turns away from his sleeping consciousness toward foreign kingdoms and thus violates the Lord’s given time in golden reflections without value.

Only man is offered two possibilities of one power. He is given the power to walk into the reflection of the reflection, and on the other side leave his reflection with the same power and stand before himself.

A true prayer is to stand before yourself. Respect the value of Life in you and do not transfer it onto others. Stand before yourself and the Lord will guide your time to the threshold of awareness.

The true value is everything before you, the second one are you. As long as you chase after your moments, you experience yourself as the first value and put everything in front of you into the second one. When you respect everything before you as the first value, you respect the value of your life and you stand before yourself.

Time is God’s rule, respect it and do not measure yourself in your time, for the last days are running out and there is very little personal time left on the way to the Lord’s.

Do not sell the eyes to the eyes, the palms to the palms, for you are violating the sleeping time of the Lord in you. Bestow your palms and you will give birth to your palms in the spirit, for your birth is the respected first value after the Lord and only the respect of everything as the first value gives rise to the awareness in you and returns you into the palms of the Lord.

The mystery of time flows through the Earth, quietly and peacefully, like a vast river, and we the travellers on this river with the hope for azure seas of eternity.

Only there where man names something above his own name, can that something survive and give you peace of the mystery of time. Your time is a pearl bestowed from the sky, do not turn it into a worthless rock on the paths of your name.

Until awareness is not born hatred, does not exist, for everything is just a personal unawareness (Father forgive them for they know not what they do). The moment when the seed of awareness or eight reaches the half, and circle of awareness covers the circle of unawareness, all unawareness falls into a spasm of hatred for loves that have exceeded and separated their circle of wholeness.

Awareness unbinds unawareness – complete awareness, complete unbinding.

As long as awareness is not perfect, this world remains in a spasm of the missing origin, uncovered birth. Comprehension is the greatest power of reality. Only accurate comprehension leads to awareness that rounds up the circle of reality. Only feedback rounds up the circle into accurate information and only accurate information can make a man aware.

The respected value of life is your golden time that puts out the reflections of unawareness and turns on the lights of awareness in the sky of your first and last prayer in the palms of the Lord’s mystery – the mystery of time.

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