The endowment of the infinity

All your life there is only one problem that hunts you – the fact that you are not real


Infinity and finality are sisters. He who agrees to finality – death, opens up the infinity; he who haggles with the infinity, is set into finality by it.

Endowment is your sister without eyes, without palms; only in the final acceptance do you open the doors of her mercy.

Nothing that has been given can be denied. As much as you run from life’s endowment, that much you are hunted by non-acceptance. Each endowment demands stopping or agreement to finality on your part, for you are the Lord’s endowment, your presence is final, and it is up to you to accept this finality, to agree with yourself without any objection.

‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.’

Accepting finality is not something to be achieved by analysing oneself. Jesus did not analyse himself, he did not object to being guilty, nor did he consider anyone unfair, but finally accepted the designation.

You get your strength after your Father, you are my brother only in weakness.

Perfection lives its own infinity, however, all the strength of perfection fades when imperfection agrees to itself. Perfection is confirmed by imperfection, imperfection does not need confirmation. Only two who meet in the acceptance of their own finality open the doors to infinity. By admitting helplessness to one another, we open up the palms of acceptance of finality, whereas in reflections of our own perfection we take away each other’s power of admission.

Everyone bets on finality in the external relationship, only the real ones admit to their own powerlessness in themselves and take the finality of earthly life upon themselves. Not even one external decision is final; each inner one final.

The third point is the point of finality and is always present, while it depends on you whether you step into an external relationship – the relationship of two points or the inner relationship of acceptance.

Complete truth conditions finality, but the acceptance of it is in man. Wisdom is from the third point, however, everyone must analyse for himself in order to internalize and accept it. Each person has a unique criterion for the final acceptance. The bigger the precision, the bigger the intelligence. Some need more analysis for the acceptance, some less. Yet in the final sense that does not matter – the acceptance is what is important. Man analyses so that he could agree to his own powerlessness; the final acceptance is in God’s hands.

One accepted finality is enough, for it is a small seed, from which a mighty tree grows after the Lord. One agreement to the finality relieves you of infinite possibilities. Nothing is limited, there is an infinite number of fields, but accepting one is enough for the eternity.

He who does not accept the finality onto himself, needs a victim for the confirmation of his infinity. You are final after the Lord, but man is final the moment he accepts finality. Finality is now falling onto everybody and everyone, the pressure grows by the day and he who does not accept the finality is getting himself, day by day, into a bigger and bigger conflict with himself.

Nobody has ever taken anything from anyone, nor ever will, only man takes away his own endowment, not knowing that with each non-acceptance he takes away what he has been given as a human.

Nowadays man is afraid to speak words worthy of a person, write poems worthy of a human poems, Woman does not dare to be a woman anymore. Man does not dare not to work from dusk till dawn. Mortal fear reigns over everything that is real. The fear has stepped out from the bear that scared the prehistoric man, into all life situations and it paralyses man in his thoughts, words, actions. Due to this fear, the fluid is withdrawing from the domain of man, for being human today is an incident, being wise and real is an incident. There are people everywhere, yet there is not one that would be alive anywhere. That much has man shrunk everything that he has been given.

From their mortal fear people run into virtual worlds, not knowing that as long as the mortal fear reigns above them, man is still a man after the Lord; once the virtuality covers him, the endowment of men is taken away and eternal darkness begins to rule in the place of man.

Do not cry if you have not been confirmed by anyone, as such you are placed in front of your own finality. Respect and accept human endowment, for you do not know your value in front of the infinity so that you could give your evaluation of the value of anything. You do not owe anything except the respect of life’s endowment, for in the end, everyone will be alone and nothing will outweigh you infinite value, only the acceptance of your own finality will allow you through everything.

Everything runs away from finality as if it were death, when it is not. The black hole is the result of the non-acceptance of the finality, and just the same as the stars and the planets, so does man also fall into black holes of his non-acceptance. You are placed in front of the finality more and more and if you do not accept it now, your conflict will become infinite.

Life’s endowment is like a spring towards the acceptance of your final self. The spirit of eternity gusts through all the endowment. He who is capable of accepting anything finally, will be able to accept himself as well.

He who waits for something to be will never live to see, for tomorrow is today; accept, therefore, your finality here and now and not somewhere tomorrow.

Only he who takes finality onto himself reacts when the Lord calls, and so will the Lord recognize the real one.