The Dignity of Life

The time has come when man has to forget about himself and his name – he has to leave his identity


He has to respect his loved ones and the environment he lives in. As long as he defends his identity, he does not respect anything but uses it all for his existence.

He should respect everything around him as much as he respects life. Only thus would he keep his own dignity and the dignity of his surroundings. That means that man must have enough dignity toward life in himself as to not let anyone provoke him about his own identity.

In this time the fireflies of eternity will reveal the paths. They will speak to us with words of distant galaxies and tell us about the deepest mysteries of Creation.

They will miraculously protect and guide him on his way, the one who will bow to them. There is no need to fear them thus. The upcoming time will return us into the simplicity of creation – into the automaticity that will unburden us of ourselves.

Despite that simplicity has always been with us, we have been afraid of it and consequently on our paths searched for safety in the pompousness of everything. Once it introduces itself as the eternal rule of life, then only will we feel its infinite power and will finally rest in it.

The life of everyone has begun to sink. Each individual’s ship of life is sinking in the name of everyone and everything. To put it differently; every strategy is taken away from man at this point and he is therefore left without any tricks or anything that he used to revere as an ability of his, and on which he could bet his status on.

The life of an individual may have sailed successfully, yet only flood awaits him now. All our statuses will collapse into nothing. However, a new world is emerging on the other side – the world of infinite freedom and to our comprehension unimaginable beauty.

Random meetings are beginning, and goodbyes on the other hand. A complete revival will follow everyone.

The cross of this world is heavy and cruel, and one needs to be firm, strong and loyal. Strong in the soul, spirit and body. In this most critical time, however, most of the people have unfortunately succumbed to the glamour of this world and with that they succumbed to life. Modern man is not in control of himself and consequently of his nature.

The fact is entering the consciousness that none of everything that is going on any longer depends on us. There are more and more people who cannot handle that kind of pressure anymore.

In the time to come we will more and more stand before ourselves as a lawful life. Man will stand in front of his fellow man as the law of life and due to that will man say goodbye to his fellow man without any reason.

Every man has his weaknesses and it is about time that he admits them and becomes aware of them. Only thus can he begin to solve them rationally. We cannot just shake off our weaknesses. It is important only that we are aware of them and solve them as we go along, reducing them to a minimum.

The way you treat your close ones, be it only animals and plants, that is how much respect they have for you. Insofar as you are really with them and respect them as much as the life before you, they respect you as their life and are glad when you are together.

Therefore respect and love the life before you, even if it is only a horse, a kitten, a dog, a bird or a plant. In the name of life you can accept and love everything and by doing so, on some level, you give dignity to everything.

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