The cross of reality


Our dreams are more or less intense. The more intense they are, the bigger the cross of reality. Reality excludes us as any part of wholeness, as it is wholeness in itself. Until we are, the reality limits us and until we make the last step toward the beginning, we cannot move on. Each step forward is unreal but only those who know the truth know that. The others know that on their death bed, when the world of their dreams stops. It is then that they recognize their cross. To escape it is impossible as it is.

The biggest happiness you can accept – the most you can get to know in this life – is your cross. The fruit of cognition is bitter while you are caught inside you own volition. The bigger your realization, the bigger the whip that you are given to tame yourself. The more at peace, humble and patient you are, the less you will feel the blows of your own ardent whip. When at unrest, you whip yourself until you bleed, and yet that is also your blessing in the name of the real.

You take your cross onto yourself completely when the knowledge of others becomes the only knowledge about yourself. Each proper price is only yours and besides you, nobody else knows about it. Whereas the price, that others have given you, is theirs and therefore unburdens you as you do not have to stand behind it, since others so.

Only free from any kind of your own price that could hit something, will God give you the price of the righteous who does not judge.

PEACE is there where you are not aware of yourself, while others know all about you, you are in their hands and they choose. There is PEACE.

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