The carrier of eternity

Your subconscious is your character which is tying you up, and your soul is awareness which is untying you


Your subconscious is an unconscious carrier of eternity. It has no eyes, no heart nor reason. It is the spirit that blows wherever it wants to and however it wants to. For you are not its Lord.

The subconscious does not feel your soul; your soul feels the subconscious. If a soul is humble, the subconscious slowly develops senses, reason and insight. A selfish soul on the other hand rises with its awareness above the eternity inside. With its principle it feeds the subconscious until the principle eventually overgrows everything and deprives the soul of its reason, its eyes and its heart.

Your subconscious is your character which is tying you up, and your soul is awareness which is untying you. If subconscious overtakes the soul, it strips it of its awareness and ties it with ownership acting blindly in the illusion of principle. If awareness overtakes the subconscious, the subconscious receives eyes, reason and heart of the soul and man’s qualities start to act in the reality of the soul’s view.

This is how subconscious of a humble soul receives awareness and on the other hand awareness of a selfish soul gets overtaken by the spirit of subconscious, however not as a carrier of eternal life and redemption, but as a limited circle of principle, tying up the soul.

As long as awareness and subconscious are still present in the common circle of the reflection of infinity, the human of subconscious and the human of awareness are interdependent. Until then, the circle of awareness is encircling the centre and the centre of subconscious is opening up the circle; however, only inside half of the area of reflection, since it cannot capture eternity´s entirety of into its circle.

When the vertical gets unbound from the horizontal, subconscious and awareness start to separate from each other. Half way into the process of separation, that is at an angle of 45° the subconscious separates from the awareness and they both enter into their own circle: the circle of eternal entrapment or the circle of eternal unbinding from your own position.

The vertical of man´s own present time is disappearing. The one who is accepting his extinguishment is giving birth to life, because he is allowing the vertical of his fellow man inside of him. On the other hand, everything that is remaining bound to its own vertical is extinguishing the only reality – the vertical of the given position.

Eternity has no centre. Your subconscious is the centre of the circle in which souls by accepting their finality are maturing into eternity. By accepting that their place does not exist, they are unbounding subconscious from the reflection of eternity.

You are not and you never were eternity – you are only its carrier. This is why you have no right over it in anything, but you should try with everything what you are, to accept your finality, so that you will not take the eyes, the heart and the reason which were given to your soul away from it.

Respect with all your heart what was given to you and never betray eternity that you carry, for you will betray your eyes, your heart and your reason.

Accept your cross like did He – the carrier of God’s sonship. With all his heart he carried it; with the eyes of his soul he spoke until the last day and with the reason of a devoted soul he even accepted death – your redemption.

With the entire strength of his soul he fought against the primary within him, for the temptation of God’ sonship was a giant one. But he did not abuse it – he didn’t rise with it above the eternity of the given within him and he never betrayed it with anything. This is how he preserved the heart, the reason and the eyes of his soul. And yet, until the day of redemption he remains blind, unaware and dead – without a heart, because you are His heart and in your heart His awareness and in your awareness His eyes.