The call of proximities

Tied into the distances of time immemorial, taken from the proximity of the heart is man’s world


On the edge of time immemorial there is death – an infinite distance. The Lord raised his palms high, the highest he could and thus took man from the hands of death. On half the way, the furthest possible – he put him in the middle of the way according to free will – as far away from the proximities as from the distances.

This life is your right of existing in man, so that you would take control of the time immemorial within yourself and step from the distance of time immemorial into the proximity of man. If you want to have a beautiful garden, work in it diligently, so that you will have control over the roots of time immemorial within yourself and a garden of man.

If you respect the time immemorial in fellow man, he will subconsciously respect you as well. Man has to have control over time immemorial within himself, otherwise it will have control over him; for time immemorial is subconscious which you carry deeply rooted inside yourself and it is above the consciousness until it matures into man.

Man is nameless and does not respect your rules. Until you do not give up your name, you cannot step out of time. Each race carries within its roots of time immemorial and until you take control of it within yourself, you cannot leave your name and step out of time into freedom.

Torn between proximities and distances man does not travel anywhere, only his soul is the one who searches, travelling in time between proximities and distances of its own world.

Each search is a prayer, it is the call of distances to proximities – each confirmation in proximities a defilement of heart from which everything is taken.

Do not limit your soul in searches, let it go into its distances, through them it will always return to proximities, for the distances of the soul are only a dream, just the same as the proximities. And there is death in the distances of the spirit, a desert – in which there nothing ever grows and which does not return anyone into the proximities anymore. Travel, therefore, with your soul and search, but repay every comprehension of the distances with proximity, so that the night does not apprehend you before you return your soul into the proximities of the Lord.

Life is a miraculous river of two currents, in which everything flows and matures into either proximities or distances from the conditioned central point o or man. Everything that you accept will step into your proximities – everything that you do not accept is keeping you in the distances of your time immemorial.

Man awakes from the distances into the proximities – more searching, more distances taken upon yourself – more conditioned proximities. Once the unknowns which keep the man’s credit are gone, that will be the end of the path of searching. However, the chalice of your soul will forever remain in the hands of distances and proximities. The touch of the distances is the touch of death – the touch of proximities is life. Death does not exist, there are only unaccepted distances.

Jesus took infinite distances of death onto himself – he went to the edge of damnation, stepped into the complete darkness of time immemorial and thus in the spirit conditioned the path of comprehension, so that the secrets of life would become proximities. He presented his soul to the Lord – for in it as well – not only in the body, there was death.

His soul is the chalice of Lord’s spirit. However, as long as there is nobody to drink from it, there remains only a dream on the edge of time immemorial of one another without content.

All distances and proximities of the soul are only dreams and searches, only in death is the soul real and free for the spirit of proximities.

‘I am the Path, the Truth and the Life.’

 ‘I am here for you, do not go into the distances, but take them onto yourself and stay here in my proximities.’

‘When you feel death in your soul, do not be afraid; know then, that I am with you.’

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