The bowl of justice

Every right is also a duty


The right to life is also a duty to life – the right to be human is also a duty to be human.

You are life that is passing by – a person that is passing by – a right that is passing by, so that from your duty, you would give birth to the right which the Lord has given you.

As long as we live the right within ourselves, we only load duties to others. Once we take duty upon ourselves, we give the right to life to another.

For one another we are a full bowl of the secret right of life; and an empty bowl of burden of duty if we live our own right.

‘Happy the men who are meek, for they will inherit the land…’

People argue with each other, however, as long as they argue, life before them remains an empty bowl and they argue over a trifle. Only once they start sharing something among each other, do they have something to share, for in each division life multiplies and fills the bowl of right to life for the meek.