The balance of reality

Only a relationship which throws you off balance, can open the eyes of reality inside you


Reality is always with you; however, you are aware of it only to a certain extent, more or less. The one who is full of himself is not aware of it even a little bit. The one who is all with reality, looks with the eyes of reality, while the one who is all with himself, looks only into his own illusion and is blind for reality.

By his nature, man is a primary being, but can, on paths of his life, depart from his primary self. The more he departs, the more reality he becomes aware of and the more reality he recognizes.

In every relation the process of either departing or overtaking the primary position is constantly running. Within the one who departs from his primary position, humbleness settles in, while the one who overtakes the primary position ties himself within.

When the circle of relationship passes its first half, the primary overrides the secondary, and when the circle is complete, he completely subdues him. The moment this happens, the charge of supremacy vanishes and the relationship is no longer interesting for the primary. This is why he moves on. But where to? With every new relation a step deeper into his illusion and further away from reality.

Between two people who are departing from their primary position, the circle of relation is the circle of the birth of reality. Half way of their departure from themselves, reality opens their eyes for its contents, and when they are able to depart completely, the reality of newborn contents materialises itself.

Man is searching for balance in everything that surrounds him, yet everything that surrounds him is throwing him off balance. The more he is trying to find his balance, the more he is losing it. This is why no relationship can ever give man his balance. The man in you is not searching for balance, it is your distrust against him that is searching for balance in an identity that is merely an illusion.

Only a relationship which throws you off balance, can open the eyes of reality inside you. As long as you will not recognize enough reality to be able to trust it, you will be searching for imaginary balances. But if you would let the reality guide you, you too would be with reality, not only reality with you. And you would be in complete balance of man. The balance of reality.