The aim of comprehension is to unbind

The mental state of man is based on his dialogue with life being stronger than the monologue


The aim of man’s comprehension is to unbind from everything proper. With your limited and final view, you bind life. A strong individual, who limits others, basically mostly limits and binds himself. As long as you are bound with your notions regarding the meaning that certain things have for you, you depend on the change in the surroundings, and your mood constantly swings. An unbound man, however, is not bothered by everyone thinking him a fool.

Sensitivity is great in those who do not know themselves enough. In his inability to face himself man can go crazy and kill. If a person completely loses touch with life, he falls into madness, his dialogue with reality is distorted and life cannot convey him any more messages.

The mental state is based on man’s dialogue with life being stronger than the monologue; on thinking more of himself than of others. Once the monologue of reliving starts to prevail, man begins to sink into discouragement. Life can only start breathing with full lungs through the one who strives for a comprehensive dialogue.