Subordination is the rule of the youth

All that Life demands of man is that he let what defines him die away


A man who wants to solve any of his problems must first become aware of them. Only thus can he control the spirit inside him that is creating the problem. He should strive to be rid of all those characteristics that embarrass him in front of himself. The characteristics that he is having trouble accepting. That is the most accurate test. If you act according to others you can never be sure, for each person judges you in their own way. When you are alone with yourself, you know exactly what is wrong. Once man suppresses his weaknesses, he improves his mental and spiritual standards, for many things bring him peace.

People, especially the youth, live in such an illusion or unreality that they would be willing to do anything for their role models – different pop and movie stars. Most of the youth have the most respect for people who do not know that they even exist, nor are they interested in what is going on with them; whereas those who are really grand in life and love them and take care of them, like for instance parents, are worthless to them.

The natural law and the rule of the youth always have been, are and always will be subordination and subservience (you give your place to the elderly, etc.). You do not sit down as if you were a bull and let your senior stand. The modern upbringing is thus completely wrong.

Whenever a man finds himself in a secondary position, he is serving God. Children must therefore be taught to serve their Lord from the beginning. First their Lord the parents, their Lord the friend – at school their Lord the teacher, their Lord the classmate, and then later on their Lord their partner, etc. Jesus could forever curse everyone who crossed him, yet he trusted and served only the Lord.

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