You are human, stopped half way in the reflection of time after the Lord, placed at the horizon of the other world, caught at the crossroads of free will.

There are numerous things that man can do to avoid stopping, his essence covered with thousands of colours of this world; yet those will all sink into darkness, once the reflection is put out and in the sky of the stopped time of man after man there shines the first ray of eternity.

The whole mystery of God is in you, the rule of the alpha and omega – the beginning and the end of everything. If you take the end upon yourself, the rule of the Lord will act in you as the beginning – if you live yourself, you live the beginning and you are on your way to your end.

Man is God’s motive, no more, no less. There is nothing anywhere on the outside, only the motive of the godly in you.

The essence of life is not the measuring of another, but the stopping in oneself.

The fictitious balance of space in time is giving way to the real balance of time in space. Time has stopped in the flux and man flows from the middle toward the beginning or the end. There is no half-way choice anymore.

It is impossible to take something from nowhere; it always has to come from somewhere, so that it can be given to someone.

The Lord took from himself so that he could give to you, the human. The Lord is asymmetry without feedback and so are you, for you are the reflection of God. As long as what has been given to you by the Lord sleeps in you, the Lord remains asymmetry in the hands of you free will. Only those who take the cross of asymmetry upon themselves respect the reality of the given, which from the Lord’s basis builds the man and gives back to the Lord what is his.

Life gives eyes to everyone, yet each must, in order to find his path away from here, observe for himself.

Bees have eyes as well, yet they cannot see further than from the beehive to the flowers and back; flowers have eyes as well, yet their blossom dies out once their time without eyes has passed; a rock without a soul and heart does not feel anything. Yet the spirit of time leaves traces in all of us and only you know the furrows – the man who has been given the possibility to watch from the other side. In the eyes of the consciousness that the Lord has given you, the time is stopped half way so as for you to see and know, not only the furrows of yours, but the world of another that will be yours once again.

The difference between your and another’s world is only in the elementary instinct, in the principle that governs the basic presence, which is the place of reality’s foundation; yet only as long as you do not use it as a foundation of the projection of your world.

We are the foundation to one another and eternal liars to ourselves. When man speaks from himself, he speaks from the inner foundation; when man hunts the foundation of another with words, then the voice in him is a liar who is returning to its owner like an echo.

It is man’s free will to live a face from a face. Some act one and hide the other, others live only one. Every face is now identified by its opposite.

Every moment that man takes for himself is a moment of time forever quenched, for time is ratio.

Man ran out of time for meadows, rivers, the sky, and now he has run out of time for himself.
If you are at someone’s or something’s disposal, you let the coordinates of your life out of your hands and that unbinds you.

Man can no longer be the projection for himself, as the zone of dreams no longer exists.

Finality has closed the doors to the projections of infinity. You are scooped by the finality from the outside and infinity from the inside. An automatic, unaware change is occurring, which runs according to the rule of man’s objectivity, and all that is necessary, for it is simple sincere honesty that every child possesses.

Jesus agreed to the infinity, not to non-coordination. When non-coordination from one side covers the non-coordination from the other, a coordinate system which opens into infinity is established.

The balance is lost from time into space, everything is running away and withdrawing, yet it only withdraws to the limits of its own. If you have not given priority to anything, how will you orientate yourself?

Man thinks that he governs the time and space, however, he is not aware that the time in him is his original sin, from which he unbinds himself through all the ratios, so that in the end he could unbind from the ratio with himself or his own reflection. Time is a ratio, given at the disposal, not to be controlled but to be made accessible.

Time is the ratio of reflections. Man knows the loss of balance in space, but not in time. Once the reflections die out, the time stops and all the balances in time fall; that is the fall of balance in the subconscious or the spirit.

Because time flows reversibly, all the balances in space are fictitious, for they are only reflections of the balance of time or ratios. Once the time stops new, actual balances in space are established.

The Lord is letting go of the places of all deceptions, and only the devoted ones are asking him for mercy.

Each logic is a deception of consciousness in which the consciousness has no place but is only its lackey. As long as something is done according to one’s proper logic, it is conceptual; only which is outside any logic is automatic and real.

Each personal will is violated; everything that is obtainable is intact and pure.

The spirit wafts where it wants – it sounds only there where silence is. You should therefore always ask yourself; has the decision come into you or are you the one who has decided?

The one who is intact in time was not conceived according to the will of man, which is the reason why he was conceived immaculately. Jesus is a born immaculate silence which is born in everything that is pure and intact in time.

The ratio of static consciousness is over; you will not have you own consciousness anymore. Different kinds of consciousness will come to you and you into them. The self-willed will become a prisoner of his own consciousness and the consciousness a prisoner of his.

As man did not have any foundation, the fellow man was able to turn him around and put him into asymmetry. If you were actual in at least something, the consciousness was able to come into you.

For the sake of a bird which found a nest in you, the Lord forgives you thousands of deceptions – they will all be erased, for the one bird that you have allowed in yourself will call for many others; such is the power of Lord’s consciousness.

Trust and devotion to life, and not overtaking the given time with your own wants, was enough for your bird.

In the end, everything will reach itself, its own darkness. There is man able to agree to his non-existence and on this foundation he can open the world of another; or in the place of his own proves to himself that he exists.

The world of the spirit is the world of basic presence. The world of the body is already dead, just the same as the world of the soul, while the world of the spirit is waking up – and it is infinite, invincible and eternal.

And death is the final endowment to man, so that he would step away from his world.