Life does not demand from you to be good on the level of your fellow men’ expectations; that only preserves the weakling


Our feelings tell us when something is real and when it is not. Do not define when you are allowed something and when not. What is civilized and what is not. Always react the way you feel, even when that means harshly. Children act that way and are thus pure.

The world of sophistication is basically the most twisted one. It is a world in which people follow and act according to some made up, defined in advance rules and consequently endlessly deceive themselves since they are living past any reality. Nowadays the ‘democratic moms’ do that. According to the rules of the culture it is uncivilized and sinful to ‘slap a child in the face’ if he deserves it.

Before the Lord the rules of culture are meaningless and the actual life therefore unwinds completely differently. In the actual life the reactions are far graver.

What is just, is correct. No grudges play any parts and are not worth anything. If ten, one hundred, one thousand or all the people of this world hold a grudge against you – you cannot prostitute the truth at any cost. He who prostitutes the truth is an idiot.

It does not matter how civilized one is. What matters is how much non-culture and the actual world are people capable of accepting. It did not matter how civilized Jesus Christ was. All that mattered was to what extent He was capable of walking among prostitutes and thieves – among lost people and among them raise life onto a pedestal again.

He was not in search of the holy and the civilized, and chose his disciples among fishermen and the disorderly. It was as if He had said to them: ‘You are healthy, you stem from the spirit. You feel one another and tell each other what you feel. You are not bluffers and scribes.’ Had he listened to anything he would not have found a live spirit among them. ‘You are used to humiliation and insulting. You have been humiliated and insulted countless times and you accepted it all. The same as you have accepted that, you can now accept me.’

In the end his Father sent him himself to live among the insane, as the insane ones crucified him. And He accepted that to. That is why he was the Father’s son.