Somebody else


From two into one conceived, from one into two born,
And yet in Him one with everything.

People will always stand before you as somebody else;
Do not be afraid and do not be somebody else, defending his side,
But step over there, to the other side, for it is the only one.

The only thing that does not exist is somebody or something else,
And yet the more you live yourself, the more there is something or somebody else around you.
But if you lived everything and everyone as yourself, then you would not be somebody else yourself.
That is the secret of the Spirit.

Everything is on one side, if you live it as your own.
But if you remain alone on the other side, there is only fear for your side in it,
That chases everything beautiful away.

Under her heart your mother carried you as one with herself,
And yet gave birth to somebody else.
And that somebody is your whole fear and your original sin.
But there was only the body, the eyes, the intellect
And from them everything from the other side foreign to your soul.

But the loyal soul did not close its palms to the foreign,
Only always opened
And other palms grew in it unknowingly.

Where your soul closes the palms, there is nothing,
only fear of foreign eyes.

As long as you are, so is somebody else and there are only this and this, two strangers,
But after them always only so and so and never only what it is.

Therefore not only in two, into three will you be torn
Before you can enter there where everything is as it is and always will be,
because there is nothing foreign anymore on the other side.

Jesus is completely on the other side, which is why he is all with himself and nothing with himself,
Yet somebody else for you, until you step on the other side
And become one with him,
So that He could be one with you
And not somebody else on the cross of the side
Which you claim as your own.