Silence is only one


Your life is a quiet melody caught in you, and you in it an unsung song

Nature remains quiet and accepts anyone who wants to be accepted. With its silence it is telling you what you are, while people create such and such scenes and forms. With our dreams we give names to scenes on the level of our own game. Each in our own way is looking for the best part, yet the more we try, the more life remains quiet.

With its silence it whispers in anticipation at every part, there are no good nor bad parts – all are fleeting – only the silence is eternal. All our effort, no matter how sky high, is an empty hope to our own ‘yes’. Every path that begins from us, ends together with us.

That there is only one and even that is not from us. It is therefore inconceivable as long as we speak. There is only one from here to there – there is only one silence. This cradle of life is infallible in its silence, it patiently and infinitely waits for our silence, for it is limitless in itself and always with us like a shadow.

Oh, if we only kept shut, it would speak through our mouths and with our hearts feel its boundless world to which it is giving birth. But it does not have a mouth or a heart of its own. It thus just waits and waits for us who think that we are building it with our own self from day to day, like a lost maidservant – hidden behind the lady.

Do not be afraid, therefore, if you are a lost maidservant, the day will come when you return to silence. And only in you, the maidservant, will the silence speak. But for the lady, her ladyship will remain only silence.

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