Shelter of eternity

Reality does not need a shelter – it is itself a shelter to everything


Your soul is the reflection of infinity,
Only a reflection of what is yet to come,
And nevertheless it gives birth to infinity on its paths.

The soul is a shelter given by the Lord – interim state between nature and man – it is the possibility of man and reality. Each soul is Lord’s fluid and those who do not take care of the souls of others are losing consciousness and in it their souls.

Reality is infinite, but so is also illusion. In the acceptance of all the paths that life draws, the soul gives birth to contents that are like stones that you walk on to get to reality. However, all proper wants make the reflection of the soul fade, until there is no trace of it left.

Every person carries within the fear of accuracy of the rules of life – everyone is aware that the rule will grind them into dust if they drive on the wrong side of the road. Yet man rarely respects the rules of the soul, for the soul does not strike when man steps on it.

The soul is the silence on the path to reality, yet it only starts speaking in years – when you – when I are gone.

Reality is Lord’s secret, you are only the one that allows another in it. Your concession gives birth to contents – your wants are only emptiness. Your soul is the reflection that conditions reality, but once reality is born, the contents come to life and the voids become aware. They are all infinite and eternal.

Through all the mirror results you learn how to accept the actual result. Man is always only imaginary according to his own resulting – never real. That way is man actually lucky in his ill-fortune as he is put into the position where he has no choice – into the acceptance of reality.

Arbitrariness has always only robbed man of his soul or the reflection of the infinity and with that of all the contents of life. Once self-awareness in man turns into life, there is no more nature or soul, only the cross of self-awareness that others bear. Only loyalty gives birth to contents that alleviate the soul of the missing reality and only through it do souls rise into man, and in the awareness or unity with reality unbind the cross of dividedness or self-awareness.

The one and only loyal servant of life is the Lord and in his bosom of the loyalty to the real all your paths run like chalices full of life. According to Him every person in front of you is a God’s servant that is showing you the way to reality. And you are a God’s servant as well, opening up contents on your way to reality. Nevertheless, not as much as you take the life after the servant before you – but only as much as you allow the servant of life within – that determines your reality.

Where the soul gives birth to man, reality becomes infinite – where the soul sinks in the void of its own reflection – as the only real – there is no soul there anymore – there is only the spirit that has broken the mirror of the soul’s shelter on the path to man.

Nobody expects the illusion to be confirmed as reality, and yet everything that you have lived will be confirmed as your reality.

….when I – when you are gone,
Unity will live in you, who did not demand the existence for yourself,
But served life and thus through your loyalty found the path to the Father,
Who loves reality above all.

Reality does not need a shelter – it is itself a shelter to everything,
But we are reality only for one another
And in it there is the only yours – my shelter of infinity.