The secret of separation

Man who has control over his nature is separated from himself and can consequently keep his inner peace in any situation


Man is always the slave of whatever his peace depends on. He should therefore spend his life fighting for his freedom and independence from anything. Otherwise he is continuously tempted.

When a person’s peace does not depend on anything, it is his peace only. A strong faith is needed for that, a lot of denying, sacrifices, realizations and wisdom. If a person’s peace depends on a hill, he will break his legs running up it. If it depends on another person, he will be depressed because of that person. When two people live together, they have to strive for their peace. Only then can they unite in collective peace. Each has to fight for his peace with himself and only the collective peace is friendship and independence. When a person’s peace depends on others, he tortures himself and others, and others torture him.

When man yields, he stops complicating and that brings him pleasant feelings. He thus begins to live more and more independently and starts becoming a civilized being. Rigidity always leads to loneliness where man unnecessarily tortures himself with his illusions.

A loyal person asks himself what suits him in a given situation. Those who strive for their peace have to overcome that and do what is good for the fellow man. Only that conditions normality. From here on life begins to serve man, for he takes joy in many things and everything brings him peace.

Any kind of excuses or apologies to life are also a reflection of unrest.

Each person is born with a different nature. Those who have strong nature and yield with difficulty are restless in many life situations. There is a constant tension that keeps the disquiet in them. Such a person can reacts much more quickly than someone who has a mild temperament. The stronger the man’s nature – more temperamental, more strength is needed to overcome it. Yet that is not relevant, for every person has enough strength to do that.

A loyal and sensible man finds worlds like ‘what has somebody said or done’ incomprehensible, for he lives life automatically. When something needs to be done, he does it. Whatever he is dedicated to, everything brings him peace.

Complete loyalty is called separation. And separation is something that man should fight for his whole life, for only then comes spiritual peace. The result of this fight is worth all the trouble and cannot be compared to anything that man might want.

Invaluable is the secret of the peace that awaits man with each new morning and the peace that man lays in in the evening. It is then that man starts to live life as a real value. Until he reaches that, he lives in agony through which he catches balance and looks for his safety.

A separated man has accepted his non-being or death and does not look for balance any longer. From here on the relationships form automatically as he is no longer bound to the external information. This is at the same time the only exam or diploma that man should pass in this world, for no other diploma is comparable to it. The only comparability is the settlement with yourself. Everything else is worth only as much, as long as that is the path to the final goal.

Peace and unrest are like identical twins that intertwine co-dependently with situations man finds himself in. Man’s nature triggers something and if he does not have enough will to master it, a huge force arises. This force of uncontrolled nature drives him on like a wild horse through hell and high waters of life.

Man that masters his nature is separated and can maintain his inner peace in any situation. He is separated from himself, for he is the situation and the situation is him (My Father in Me and I in Him). From here on he is only leaving. He melts with time or the right side of the creation that is separated from the left or earthly life by infinite invisible nothing in the one who accepted it. The external situation does not concern him anymore and flows by him freely like a film.

A separated man has everything in front of him and therefore does not judge the fellow man’s definitions, nor situation or event, but only analyses and considers. The fellow man’s definitions are to him only unaccepted powerlessness and the fight of the man with himself.

As long as man is a prisoner of his own nature, so long does he complicate who is righteous and who is not. He complicates because he does not see the wholeness which he would need to realize that no external information or past have anything to do with him or his peace.

You cannot find peace in anyone in this world. But you can condition it to them, however, because by doing so you unburden him. And somebody can condition it to you. Yet you cannot demand that from anyone.

Some find it, despite being hunted. It is often better if you are hunted than served. If today’s children were hunted, they would be forced to actively search for their peace. As long as they are satisfied with the peace that the environment conditions, they are robbed, for they do not have their own peace. They consequently turn to alcohol, drugs, etc.

Whatever man does out of love, he forgets about himself and in the final sense does not care what is happening with him.