As soon as you were born, you were separated from the reality,
But only through sympathy do you leave your own circle of cruelty
And through life return life from separation into the circle of one.

Selfishness is not the reason for separation – separation is the reason for selfishness. Yet it is difficult to walk from the abysses of selfishness back into one reality, the reality of compassion towards everything – of one with everything.

There is no reason for incompatibility in mismatching, but rather the separation of one from one and all. Separation is the only reason for selfishness, hatred, jealousy… yet it is difficult for a man to admit his own selfishness, so that his eyes could see himself separated from everything and forgive themselves their separation.

Wherever you run – and you could run for millions of years, you would not be able to outrun your own time. But even if you distanced yourself from everything for millions of years, caught into the depths of your own woe, you would not be alone! For beyond your separation, there is always Somebody with you. The one who stepped onto the edge of devastation and gave his life to death, so that everyone could step in front of their face and through His eyes forgive his own separation.

We are that face to one another and one through the other with acceptance return the face to Him and He to us. Once we allow ourselves complete separation, we will be returned into one of everything and like children once again play in closeness of reality and never again sink into the distances of the illusion of our own.

We distance one another through our own dissatisfactions,
Instead of humbly accepting ourselves,
Thus allowing ourselves one before the other.

Because of our own dissatisfaction people never let anyone by. As much as we accept ourselves, that much can we leave go by. We let everything by, running like life – everything detained becomes the stone of our dissatisfaction with ourselves heavier and heavier.

Only as much as you were able to let go by, only that much you allowed yourself into life, however, a countless number of paths is too little, for the self-willed to let anything go by – for the loyal one, one is enough. For there are thousands non-acceptances, but only one acceptance that opens up thousands of paths.

Modesty is the one that carries warmth inside and calls into proximity everything that, running away, got separated into the distance of its own. Love has thousands of faces, but remains one and only there, where nothing has been separated. As long as you are, in your non recognition, only slightly separated, the stone of what is yours is too heavy for God’s kingdom.

Jesus was tested with the crown of his own in the desert – with a land of illusions of what is alive, up to the sky, but in reality with a stone heart. Yet nevertheless, in accepting everything that was separated, as well as himself, he remained loyal to the reality even after the crown crowned him with thorns. For in the world of the separated there was nobody who would recognize himself in him and the world therefore killed him.

Everything has a limit of his own, on which it separates – in non-recognition only the pain on the paths of the proper. Only in your admission does the Lord see you and is with you and with everyone who calls into the proximities with their own admission, for those are the guards of His love.

Only through pain do we embrace from the depth of creation
And grow into acceptance, until we mature in it.

“Whatever your face, I am with you.” “There does not exists a face that in admission I could not accept,” says then Lord. For everything that is admitted is my love of One – everything non-recognized an illusion, separated and unrecognizable in the palms of life.