Sense and nonsense

Man is to himself the absolute and biggest nonsense


Truth becomes the truth the moment it serves fellowman or anyone in any kind of way, otherwise it is only an illusion. Every truth that man identifies with or accepts as his own instantly becomes an illusion. People in religious relationships often turn to fanaticism due to this rule. The moment man identifies with any kind of truth or seizes it as him own, he turns it into fanaticism.

The massive occurrence of terrorism nowadays is the consequence of that fact. The religious truth that is also alive or an objective truth of some society has, due to being seized, turned into a subjective truth that breeds mass terrorism. The moment there is no more dialogue, each truth, no matter how holy, becomes an illusion.

In fact, people can, in reality, serve only one another. As long as they are prepared to do so, so long can the truth live among them in the form of respect, humanity, friendship and love.

A big problem of today – especially women’s problem – is self-appreciation. That is love that people wish to keep only for themselves. By trying to love only themselves, people are becoming more and more illusory as days go by. A woman is thus, in all areas, becoming a notion of illusion and that can be very dangerous when it comes to illusions. There is only one thin line between being in the truth or falling into the fanaticism.

The only problem of religions lies therein. Many truths of life originate from all the religions and they are alive in the environment where they came to life, for people share them and live among them. They only become problematic when people in certain environment take them for themselves as absolutes. The converted truth then leads the man into fanaticism and sectarianism, despite that under normal circumstances it still functions healthily.

Man should therefore not seek his own purpose or his own truth but should give meaning to the first close one that he comes across. If he is not capable of doing that, he will not be able to find meaning anywhere. Only the fact that he is ready to give meaning to somebody else can give meaning to him.

Nobody can be a meaning to himself. Yet that is part of the modern world’s problem; it offers a lot for one’s proper meaning. When people feel safety in self-sufficiency, darkness arises between them as each of them finds an illusionary meaning in some illusion of his own.

What is terrorism? Fanaticism can be one of the consequences once illusion prevails over reality. The value of human life can then equal nothing. All the today’s terrorism – the most nonsensical loss of lives – is a consequence of illusionary systems of modern man. The biggest horror in all of it is that this plague of human absurd has become a completely normal state of our existence.

Illusion always means the individual’s irresponsibility towards his actions. People do not take responsibility for their spoken words or acts. They make a thousand excuses for their actions, yet completely give up the responsibility for them.

Already one friend can outweigh a lot, more than all the illusion of this world. Having one friend is thus enough for balance, and that is the aspiration for a close one, and what mostly gives safety and reality to life. Those who realize that can only feel sick due to all the present illusion, for illusion makes a dead image out of every living man.

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