Seeming birth


The seeming birth is the only problem man has.
Jesus Christ balanced it with his death on the cross.
With the coverage of death the birth, which was before it was, is disappearing.

But everything that has ever been born – also the trees, waters and fields –
Remains for the eternal ones, who allowed the birth to everything,
And abandoned theirs, knowing that they do not exist yet
The last nature’s fight

The nature fights with last resources against man
And his self-will,
For as much as the self-will is entering the unknown,
That much of the unknown must somebody take upon himself.

‘I have beat the world’
Said Jesus.
…he saved the world and beat death and is carrying the cross of all sins,
But nobody is carrying his cross,
Everyone rather marry makes under it as if on a fete,
All until the Earth, which is still holding irresponsible children
Of this world in the final spasms,