Rounding up

The mystery of birth is the mystery of rounding up of one in the other


All the forms were rounding up one in the other and thus arose and remained as a birth of the new. Only man was born with a consciousness according to which he can leave his birth and open a circle of one another, thus covering the birth of all forms that have been one in the other unknowingly searching for the other side, but remained without the circle of coverage in themselves.

The moment that man rounds up with himself his soul dies.

Man in the game of his own notions rounds up everything, but is given the mind in order to abandon his own notion from even to odd, thus simply serving everything and to each into even.

This world is a game in which everything is rounding up with itself more and more, for man in his game has become completely rounded up with himself. The man more and more plays the proximities, but distances are written in the soul, for in this game there is no more space for two and this world is dying in it.

For him who has rounded up the circle of everything into the wholeness of the proper, the time, which rounds up everything, is drawing emptiness on the other side. He who carries the burden of his own emptiness is blessed by the other side with the fullness of everything.

There has always been only the other side and you the only seeker who is able to leave his side or the seeming birth and open up a circle of the actual or the birth of everything.

The soul that followed the spirit of the Real will in spirit be returned to the Lord.

The quantum is the secret of God or the One that does not exist, until the One that does not exist becomes the secret of the quantum or the rounding up of one in the other.

The secret of birth is the secret of rounding up of one in the other,
But in this same secret, the bitterness of death of the rounding up with oneself.