No one can influence emotions of another

Resentment Forgiveness

When something or somebody invalidates a man’s presence, he is hurt and resents. If he trusted life and the fact that the day is enough for his place, he would understand that that is enough for his existence. In that case nothing within his day would hit the identity of his essence since man would equal day and day would equal man.

This means that the secret of the spirit can be in a relationship to anything and is not bound to human relationships. It is not bound to the relationship with the sky. It is not bound to philosophical nor any kind of relationships. We create relationships by ourselves and the way we create it, such is the reality of our relationship.

The simplest relationships are formed by children. They love stories. In the eyes of the grownups they are naïve and inaccurate. Yet the end result is that they are happy in their world and the given relationship. Life does not judge them by their own rules as they do not make them, but accepts them as they are. Only once we grow up and become ‘accurate’ and thus cruel, does life whip us with our own whips.

No one can influence another’s emotions. It is not on us to influence the feelings of anyone. What we can, is accept each emotion – even hatred, which is very difficult in the name of those who hate. But we can accept in the name of life. In the name of life it is not difficult to carry any kind of personified hatred.

Why would a man be punished in the name of anyone, if he can be comforted in the name of life. Man can be hated just for being different. He might be hated if he says distinctive things. Yet only those who live differently can live differently after Life. Only in the name of life can a man understand the troubles of those who hate him. If he did not have problems, there would be no reason for hatred.

Man should, with his acceptance, outweigh the weight of hatred or forgive in the extent of hatred. If he forgives only a bit, there is still the bulk that is his burden, left.

Man must be forgiving for himself – to calm himself down. The most he can do is not define anything into the relation in which he should forgive.

Resentment is a reflection of our weakness as in a relation or a relationship we are not strong enough to accept the weaknesses of our fellow man; that is why we judge. Essentially there is nothing to resent anyone since we are all born a weakness.

Life does not know human notions and therefore does not know resentment or forgiveness. The cause or life knows only the consequence or man – it knows only peace or disquiet.

We are only consequences, looking for a cause in this world. Once the cause is found and recognized, those who have taken it upon themselves will be balanced and unbound.

True friendship means giving your own spot to somebody else. We may find ourselves in a diminished space with no room for two and a true friendship will withstand even that. Man thus donates to a fellow man the space for his existence. If somebody occupies this space and the man is forced to leave it, he should do so out of love for this man.

The same as a new day arises, so should man, with a new beginning and accepted ending of the previous day arise into each new morning. He who does not accept the ending of the day that is setting forth is burdened with the resentment and the principles of the previous day and is not ready to start a new one.

The night is given to man so that he lays down all the burdens of his own volition and grudges, and any kind of form of his own presence. We sleep naturally so that we wake up new and unburdened. This natural principle applies to the whole of nature.

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