There exist only two ways – either man lives in chasing everything or in gratitude for the given


The whole of nature reflects left to right and right to left – for example; the left half of the brain labours for the right half of the body and vice versa. The planets define the position of the Sun and vice versa.

Therefore, according to this natural or God’s rule, two people are also only a reflection of their own position, which means left to right and right to left; the first person is basically the left one on the right side, while the other is the right one on the left side – and none on their own side. Consequently, if I live my own reflection instead of yours, and if you live your own instead of mine, then I am I and you are you, yet there is nobody anywhere.

Only if I allow you on the spot of my reflection and if you allow me on the spot of yours, the I and you circle is completed. This circle is a world of departing from oneself, in which we are slowly and each for himself leaving the spot of reflection and if we are modest, patient, loyal and truly respect what we have been given, then we will someday completely leave this spot behind and one after the other open the circle to Life.

By then the reflections of lights that have long been off will have been chasing their directions one after the other.

Reflection is the chase after the spot, and reflection of the reflection its conquest. Reflection is a reaction or something that is without information, without any logic. Man chases everything reflexively, there is nothing you can do about that, and yet is your consciousness nevertheless stronger than any reflex. You have your mind, which enables you to see all your reactions – accept the illogic of your reactions and admit your stupidity, as long as you have the crossroads that enables you to become aware of this in your consciousness, and do not chase any proper position, for the consciousness will be lost. The awareness is the strongest at this time, as everything has become extremely simple. However, the problem is not in awareness, it has never been; the problem is in selfishness.

We live in an interspace between everything and nothing, and lucky the people, as long as nothing is activated yet.

Each manifestation is only a reflection. You are not on your spot but on all the others; you are absent only on the one that you defend as yours – you are only a reflection or image of all other spots.

Each reflection is an entrapment in the cross; the reflection of the reflection a try of uncrossing. In every reflection there lacks the starting point – the stopped spot or coverage. Reflection is constantly overtaking you, but if you were able to stop, you would open up a spot for someone or something and consequently open the spot of Consciousness.

There exist only two ways – either man lives in chasing everything or in gratitude for the given. Either man chases the time of his uncrossing or the time of something lies into him and uncrosses him. Time was given to man and through it man either slopes or hangs on to the reflection. If you chase time for yourself, there is no time for others, and yet are you someone else – life. There is no space for life when chasing time, there is only the void of a missing person.

This is a world of reflection, and a human has not existed in it yet, but the spot of man has. Each person in his life has already come to the void of the missing person, which was only seeming, and man could consequently turn a blind eye to it. However, you are not familiar with the distress of true void, with the void of a missing man after man and with the abyss of the awareness of the lost Awareness.

You cannot give life to anything; if you do not live with something, that something does not have its pop-up spot. As long as man remains in his place, he can try to learn to love something, however, only once he resigns from his spot in order for something to be, does he step on the way of man. And he who does not live with anything, demands from another that they live according to them, and they judge them for their own imperfection – yet in all his denials, man seeks only his own confirmation.

With all his demands man complicates and limits life in himself, yet everything would be exceedingly simple if man with his confirmation would not muddle things. It is not difficult to entangle something, it is difficult simplify to the basics, for entanglement does not need your resignation; simplification does.

Nowadays people are hunted mostly by the fact that they do not live with anyone or anything. In the past at least people lived for something, they respected the mystery of life and consequently did not fall into their own reflection of the reflection. Man knows all the forms of his own confirmation, yet he does not know the secrets of his words, poems and steps.

Does the thought give strength to the word, the voice strength to the song and the movement of the body the strength to the step? And if so, what moves the thought, the voice, the body? There is nothing, and yet once the thought becomes silent, when the voice becomes silent and the step halts, then everyone is aware that there was something, for we each carry the seed of infinite freedom – the mystery of the Consciousness inside. However, only the modest, humble, loyal one has had the power to agree to the simplicity in himself.

Reflection is a mirror image that the loyal one is leaving behind and thus annulling the spot of the reflection of reflection. At 45° angle people were able to chase their spot or the reflection of the reflection after someone, for the loyal ones bore the cross of reflection. At 90° angle each reflection dies out, for the consciousness becomes stronger than it.

Jesus sweated a bloody trail when he resigned from his reflection, yet he resigned entirely. He completely resigned his spot and thus opened up a spot for man.