Reality as you

Reality runs alone, without an atom of your endeavour – effort demands the negation of reality


Reality is like a big river, full of secrets, full of insecurities, cruel laws of life. As long as you do not trust it with your life it remains without eyes, without heart and without intellect.

Everyone thinks that they are alone, when in fact everything is with them, it is just dormant and invisible, as long as a person lives their own world. Reality is here and now and if you are with it, then it is with you. Yet hardly anyone is with it. Everyone is rising above it, defending their own world inside them. The reality thus remains on its side – like somebody else who is stealing your time.

The reality that you have is, before it is. Everyone uses their reality, yet nobody settles it in feedback. Consider every return (external) information as the first and only one and you will settle the given present. But people consider it to be the last one and thus take away the weight of a human from their present.

A child gives the weight to the present by playing, but once he grows up, he has to give weight to everything that he does. Only so can that live and become real. You are not reality, but reality is like you, if you give it a name.

Life balances you only from the other side – never from yours. You cannot see the reality that is in you, yet it is completely accurate from the other side, if you do not double-cross the reality that is, before it is and that you are in, before you are in with your side.

According to God/reversal state you are in reality before it is and the present is in you before you are. If you allowed all the reality that is in you before it is and let go of the reality in which you are and that is before it is, a place of present would arise. People would thus allow each other and set each other in the present.

Man is an exile from the paradise – from the reality, yet he returns to it after his faith in it.

Man defines himself as a sharp according to reality – he uses the credit of the given present which is before it is, or as a flat – he relies on the inner present and is giving up the outer one. A primary person wants to make everlasting credit from the credit, yet falls into eternal debt – while a secondary one gives back the credit of the present that is, before it is.

The time of one present is coming, one that you added into reality sooner, before it was, with each day with which you gave weight to things. With everything with which you took the weight for yourself, you took it from the present.

The present is in its last phase of maturing, so if you have it for the last toy in life, what is there to mature?

The present is in you. Some give it all the weight, while others play illusion in its name. The present in you is telling you that ‘you are what you are’, and the present in front of you is inviting you to the shows of ‘you will be what you will be’. If you condition the present, no event will turn into a foreign object or an illusion.

You had to choose one – the chosen will live, everything else will extinguish. Those who lived the present in themselves have the same drawn on the other side, while those who lived at the expense of the present sooner, before it is, have nothing.

Reality runs alone, without an atom of your endeavour – effort demands the negation of reality.

The whole world lives in denial of the reality, thousands of false – subjective worlds opposed to reality. Non-acceptance of the ‘it is as it is’ and ‘it will be what will be’ rules drive man to clothe his soul and create the image of his world. Yet each creation of your own reality above the actual one demands effort, sometimes even lives, thousands of lives… Which is cruel and sad, if one knows that one’s soul can only rest in reality. And the reality is like You and runs automatically if you trust it and not escape into your blackmail.

You cannot change reality
But it can change according to you,
When in trust you lay your basic, one eight in it,
And not build your world on it.

Reality thus gets eyes, a heart, the intellect of a man
And is no longer a roller coaster,
Rushing on the tracks of life toward eternal darkness.



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